Students set to take stage for talent show


Anna Parel and Kaitlyn Neel

This year’s talent show is Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the Henry Tift Fine Arts auditorium.

There will be a variety of different acts,from playing the piano to rapping.

Mr.Bobby Stecher, head of the math department will serve as master of ceremonies.

Ms. Aimee Grisham, a high school Spanish teacher, is the talent show advisor but said much of the work is done by the junior class president, Morgan Mathis and vice president, Ellie Minette.

“I’m just kind of there as an advisor to be the adult to kind of help out, but really the majority of the work comes from the junior class president and vice president.” Ms.Grisham said.

The program does not have a prize for the best act.

“It is primarily done for everyone to show off their talents.” Ms.Grisham said. “It’s really fun to see some people come out of their shells. It’s a time where people can really show off something they do and something they might show otherwise.”

Below is a list of all the Talent Show Acts: Jessica Gratigny and Maggie Greer, are appearing as Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Anna Katherine Boswell on the piano and Cameron Walsh singing “Glitter in the air”.
  • Lily Howe and Luke Slappey singing “Setting the World on Fire”.
  • Sabina Ajjan on the violin and Jocelyn Tang on the piano playing “The Evolution of Music”.
  • Maggie Fuchs and Shawn Shivdat, on the saxophone and Sahan Vangala singing “Careless Whispers”.
  • Li-An Tsai playing “Mariage d’amour” on the piano.
  • Sarah Kate Sellers singing and playing “Hold Me” on the guitar.
  • JR Gunarin with a Piano Improv.
  • Grace Deedrick singing and playing “Not about angels” on the piano.
  • Lily Howe singing and Anna Katherine Boswell playing Dixie Chicks Medley on the piano.

Here is a video of senior JR Gunarin playing the piano at last year’s talent show