Gazebo sports staff makes its Super Bowl predictions

Nick Dorogy

I think both the Patriots’ and the Falcons’ defenses will be tested throughout the game. I would not be surprised if the team that has the ball last were to win in a hotly contested game. I predict the final score to be 34-31, with the Falcons scoring a late touchdown to win the game. I don’t think the Patriots defense will be able to handle quarterback Matt Ryan and his receivers. But I believe that the Falcons’ have the option to shut down New England’s’ receivers, especially without tight end Rob Gronkowski.



David Matlock

This Super Bowl will feature two of the most effective offenses in the league, and also the highest scoring defense in the New England Patriots. The Falcons offense will still be able to roll versus the Patriots, but the true test of the night will be which defense can get get to the quarterback. Tom Brady is definitely one of the league’s best of all time, but mobility has always been a weakness in his game. The Falcons are averaging almost double the sacks that the Patriots are per game, and Vic Beasley is the league leader in sacks. The Patriots’ strength at outside linebacker will test the ability of the young Falcon tackles, but the Falcons’ offensive line has proven itself all season. I believe the Falcons will edge out a victory in a shootout, 34-31.

Lizzie Clayton

The Falcons’ offense is one of the best this year, but the Patriots definitely match it up with their defense. I haven’t seen many games but the stats show that the true teller will be whether the Patriots’ defense can hold back the Falcons’ offense. As far as my prediction, I will play it safe in saying the Patriots will have the win since they can easily deflate their footballs again. I’m thinking the score will be 28-14.

Wade Snow

We are in for a treat this Sunday. It’s the matchup that everyone wants — the highest scoring offense (the Falcons are averaging 33.8 points a game) versus the lowest scored on defense (the Patriots defense is allowing only 15.6 points a game.) I expect a potentially legendary game.  I expect the Falcons to come out hot and take an early lead, but the Patriots will battle back and the game will come down to the wire, with the Falcons winning 38-34 and bringing Atlanta their first Super Bowl.

Graham Hefner

This will be a very close Super Bowl LI, but I think the Patriots will beat the Falcons, 31-28. I think they will win because they have arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady, and they have one of the best coaches of all time, Bill Belichick. Dan Quinn has coached in two Super Bowls as defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. Brady will win his fifth Super Bowl ring and have the most of all time for a starting quarterback. I will be attending this game and I will be cheering my heart out for the Falcons, but I have to think the Patriots will win.

Nate Jones

I am predicting that the Atlanta Falcons will defeat the New England Patriots by a score of 34-30. This will be a high scoring game because of the Falcons high flying offense and Tom Brady being a gunslinger. The Patriots have the best scoring defense in the NFL and the Falcons have the top scoring offense in the league. This is the seventh Super Bowl where the top scoring offense and defense have met. The top scoring defense leads 5-1. This may be true, but I’m predicting with my heart not my head.


Charles Upshaw

I think the Atlanta Falcons will win Super Bowl LI by a score of 28-21. I do not know much about the NFL, but I will always root for the hometown team. I also, have watched a few games of the Falcons, and I know without a doubt that they will get the “W.” Quarterback Matt Ryan has been a beast this season, and  I believe he will lead the team to victory.

Daniel Cohen

It’s that time again. RISE UP! I think the Atlanta Falcons will win. With Matt Ryan being the best quarterback in the NFC today, I think they have a pretty good chance of winning the final game of the season. Also, almost every game of the season Ryan has an average throwing yards of over 200. Another important player is Julio Jones. With the combination of Ryan and Jones, I believe the Falcons will win 30-24.