‘An unbelievable experience’ … except the Falcons lost


Gazebo Photo by Graham Hefner

Gazebo sports writer Graham Hefner attended the Super Bowl with his father and brother

Graham Hefner, Gazebo Staff Writer

Super Bowl LI was one of the greatest of all time. It featured the most amazing comebacks in Super Bowl history.

I was lucky enough to witness this game in person. I went with my brother and my dad.

It was an unbelieveable experience, one that I most certainly will never forget.

I was cheering for the Falcons, so I was not very happy with the final result of the game. I was super shocked  the Falcons blew a 25-point lead.

It was the best sports event I have ever attended. We had great seats in the club level.

I believe New England quarterback Tom Brady solidified himself as the greatest quarterback in NFL history by winning his fifth Super Bowl ring, the most of any quarterback in NFL history.