ZAINAB SIDDIQUI: A young lady of many talents

February 24, 2017

Stratford Academy senior Zainab Siddiqui is an accomplished young lady.

She has participated in band and color guard for five years. She has played soccer for three years. This year, she is also playing lacrosse.

In Zainab’s time outside of school, she volunteers with the Chess Empowerment Association, helping with programs at other schools. She also volunteers at the Bolingreen Nursing home in Macon, as well as Primary Pediatrics.

A project she created at Stratford was the Henna Hand Art Project, with proceeds going to charitable organizations.

One of her favorite memories during her high school years was when her grade was decorating for prom last year.

“High School Musical” started playing very loudly on the speakers, and everybody started singing along.

“It was one of the great bonding moments,” she said.

Zainab wants to attend Emory University and study Neuroscience and Psychology. Some of the things she will miss about Stratford when she graduates are the people, the teachers, and the daily routine of “sitting outside for lunch with your friends and stuff like that.”

When it comes to music, Zainab’s favorite band is Twenty One Pilots. If Zainab could marry any celebrity, she said she would  chose the famous actor, Chris Pratt. During her freshman year, her senior crush was Morgan Sowell.

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