WALKER GIBBONS: Wiggles, Weagles and the ‘Chick Magnet’

Benjamin Jorgensen and Kenzie Muenzer

There is something you might not know about Walker Gibbons.

He can wiggle his ears.

Walker, a senior, has attended Stratford for 14 years. He has participated in Stratford theatre since he was a sophomore, and swim team, more popularly known as the “Weagles,” since his junior year.

“I first auditioned with the ‘ABCs’,” Walker said of his start in theatre. “I was completely unprepared. I walked in, sang the ‘ABCs’ and was like ‘alright thanks’.”

Walker had been swimming since he was in elementary school for the “Idle hour Orcas.” He had to drop out in middle school due to a back injury.  He started back in competitive swimming last year as a junior.

“I found something that I loved and it helped me to come out of my shell,” he said.

Walker’s father got him a guitar in the fifth grade.  Walker practiced for about two years before stopping until the band “City and Color” inspired him to start playing again.

“I consider it a chick magnet,” he said.

He considers Mrs. Carol Lanier his favorite teacher.

“She is my home room teacher, and just always someone that I can always talk to if I need something,” he said.

His advice to his classmates is “do not be afraid to go try something new, because it could be your next favorite thing.”