Repeat After Us. ’14 Champs. Again.

The undead did anything but walk in last Wednesday’s Powder Puff tournament, as the shambling seniors ran, passed, and defended their way to a second consecutive title.

Dressed as zombies and hungry for underclassmen brains, the Class of 2014 first overran the sophomores in a 6-0 victory before feasting on the juniors 22-6 in the title game.

“Honestly, I’m just glad that we beat the sophomores and then the juniors because it’s fun and it’s our last year. This is something that has brought our class together, and I’m glad that we experienced it twice” said senior Katie Stone, who scored in both games.


The sophomores, decked out in camo and marching in military formation, nearly put down the zombie apocalypse early on. The game remained scoreless until the final minutes, with hard downhill running by Stone and Daniella Chrabuszcz, as well as tough stops by both teams’ defensive units. Stone ran the ball in for a touchdown to seal the victory.

“They were mean. They were hardcore. They were determined,” Chrabuszcz said of the senior defense.

The junior-senior game was much-faster paced, and included more fireworks. Bonnie Jarrard scored the only touchdown by the junior offense on a pass from quarterback Virginia Ann Lineberger. Stone and Hope Hays scored rushing touchdowns for the seniors.

Throughout the game, senior and junior players ran on and off the field, switching so often that it is surprising they had the energy to play the actual game.

The freshmen and juniors got things rolling in the evening’s first game. Although dressed like a certain character from the “Dark Knight,” the juniors proved they weren’t clowning around in snuffing out the freshmen’s dreams of glory 26-0.  The ninth-grade girls, who dressed out in red as part of their “up in flames” theme, proved that where there is smoke, there is not always fire.

“It was kind of scary not playing football before and then having to play against the juniors who are scary. We thought that we had confidence and then we got out there, and we didn’t. It was a fun experience, and we will be better prepared next year,” freshman running back Aysha Roberts said.


The new rules designed to improve safety at this year’s powder puff contests limited some injuries, but did not anticipate the ferocity of the contestants. Several girls walked away with broken fingers.  There also was one broken wrist and two concussions.

“Emily [Schlottman] hit me and I got a concussion. I don’t even really remember how it happened. The injuries are a part of powder puff or any sport, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. It always happens. You just gotta roll with the punches,” junior Missy Fuller said.

For the underclassmen hoping to unseat the seniors, however, the only irreparable injury were those of broken dreams.