GRACE DEEDRICK: Music, Drama and ‘Biggest Chatterbox’

Neely Shah, Cap Patel, and Emma Quintal

Grace Deedrick has been a student at Stratford for three years. She participated in color guard for two years, and played the tuba for her last year. This year, she is also participating in chorus.

In Grace’s time outside of school, she takes voice lessons, hangs out with friends, and participates in productions from Macon Little Theatre and Theatre Macon.

Grace transferred from Tattnall Square Academy to Stratford when she was a sophomore because of the Fine Arts program. Her favorite thing about Stratford is its inclusiveness.  

For hobbies, she enjoys theatre. She has been involved in stage productions since the fifth grade.

“I started doing plays in the fifth grade after seeing a musical at Macon Little Theater.,’’ she said. “It was the first thing I really cared about doing.”

Grace was selected “Biggest Chatterbox” for “Senior Superlatives’’ in the 2017 yearbook.

She said that it was an easy choice for everyone to make. She doesn’t expect she had much opposition.

“I cannot stop talking,’’ she said.

In January, an assembly was held to educate students on the importance of diversity. Grace was a speaker. She was selected by being a big part of the ADL club, and she also would talk to the middle and elementary schoolers. Mrs. Jacqui Wilson, the head of ADL, thought Grace would be a great fit into the panel of diversity speakers.

Grace does not know which college she is going to yet, but she has applied to 18 different schools. On what she would miss most she said, “I don’t know how to describe it, just, like, the Stratford experience.”

Apparently Grace’s sister, Grier, is excited about Grace going to college.

“Oh, she is so happy,’’ said Grace “She tells me every day that she is so excited to get my room.”

At the  beginning of the school year, Grace started dating another senior Thomas Thwaite.

“Thomas is one of my best friends,”she said.

They will do their best to stay in contact during their college years.