Five things you need to know about prom


Gracie Childers, Grace Deedrick, Zainab Siddiqui and Rosalee Spivey strike a pose before last year’s prom.


Leadout is a tradition that happens at the dance just before it starts. Parents and younger students often attend so that they can see the senior class in their formal attire. Seniors and their dates walk out in pairs onto the stage of the ballroom, do a quick pose, and walk off for the next pair. All juniors on SAB and SIB attending the dance also go through lead out with their date, even if neither of them are seniors. The order is president and vice president, SAB and SIB, and then all of the remaining seniors in alphabetical order.

New Rules

The administration released a statement earlier this week outlining new disciplinary measures to decrease illegal or otherwise unwanted activity at the prom. Breathalyzers will be on hand and used if faculty members are at all suspicious of alcohol usage. Additionally, bags will be checked, specifically for alcohol, marijuana, and other illicit items. Students will be required to stay at the dance until 11:30 p.m. The school warned students of the new provisions and hope it will decrease risk before and after the dance.

A Night in New York

The junior class chose the theme as “A Night in New York.” The committee that decided on it wanted to find a theme that branched out from those of former years. Although plans cannot be confirmed, “A Night in New York” will tentatively feature outlines of buildings, a Central Perk background (from the television show Friends), and other cityscapes to add to the magic of the night.

Before and After

Classes often schedule a get together and/or dinner before the dance. Additionally, local photographer Lee McDavid takes pictures for sale before the dance. Afterward, there are class breakfasts where students can destress and eat food before heading their separate ways after the night. 


Have fun. Show off some of your dance moves.