LILY HOWE: Cheering, staying busy and it’s great to be a Dawg

Over her 14 years at Stratford, Lily Howe has an extremely impressive record.

“I do cheerleading and I am the baseball team manager,” she said. ” I did tennis for five years. I’m in the Spanish Club, the Beta Club, and the National English Honors Society. I also do Girl Talk, and I am in lots of other clubs. I can’t name all of them.”

Lily said that out of her many activities, sports, and clubs, cheerleading has been her favorite, even though she has cheered against brother Andy, who has attended FPD during Lily’s high school years.

Lily had mixed emotions about living in a house divided.

“Well, it was really annoying for a while, because my mom would always take FPD’s side and my dad would always take Stratford’s side,” she said. “But, at sporting events, they sat at Stratford because I was older. It took a lot of getting used to for sure.”

Lily has developed many close relationships with her teachers at Stratford, and will definitely miss all of them after graduation. She said she will miss math teacher Mr. Griff Ethridge and science teacher Mr. Ross Bridges.

Lily plans on attending the University of Georgia in the fall. Lily was accepted into UGA on March 17, and is extremely excited to be a ‘”Dawg” next year.

After college, Lily wants to work in the field of special education. This corresponds with her senior project, in which she is working at Sonny Carter Elementary School with children with autism and Down syndrome.
“I think that’s what I want to do after college,” Lily said “But first, I’ll have to see if I like it.”