Andrew Smolensky

Zainab: Not my bones Walker: Runner Finn: Gill, Flipper, Fish Mucus Carly: Wanna be taller Meredith: Hairedith Daniel: Baby Swaglensky Thomas: Thwaite a minute David: AP Funtistics Sacchi: Wolverine Megan: Literally breaking my bones Monica: ET Phone Home Dylan: my FLAG Lizzi: Spalizzi Justin: Awkward snippets of conversation JR: is jerr Rosalee: is rslee Safi: Subtraction Julianna: “Thats disgusting and unhygienic” Tearab: Grapes Grace: is dumb Aysha: Hot Chocolate Jessica: Young children Clurr: that snapchat sticker Burke: fly-by shooting Katie Belle: blocked doorways Ellie: please keep your sister away from me Mr. McCue: mccue vs mcqueen, mcrooster Alex: The future of tech club Jek: woke Denny: Knockoff asian Cole: Carson’s tire Weagles: December 9th Senior Class: The groupme Lucas: Home of sexuals, handsoap Kevin: Hadley’s party Aaron: I don’t know what to leave you but you said you included me and I didn’t want to exclude you and feel bad about it

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