Coleman Rozier

Maggie: Napoleon Dynamite, Fripp, art, BDC, hot nugget, spending more time at your house than my own, cuties, datewalls, SAB, Diana and the whole royal family, awkward silences while on the phone, late night talks after Sadie Hawkins, Ludacris concert, rooming in Washington, look at that soldier! He almost looks happayyy, me always taking your trash, vines, manager for Gaggie, freshman year Spring Break, listening to old music, our president ad, Boss, you wanting nothing to do with the goldendoodles, our interests in ghosts, our homemade ouija board, you snoring, you wanting to snuggle with me but I can never snuggle with you, not wanting to spend the night at your own house, your love for Jenny and Harry, blaming everything on Eli, accidentally cracking Erin’s computer screen, stn parties in Nancy, always driving your car than you, screeching, venting, people snapping at you when you got your wisdom teeth out, cafeteria queens, frowny face, the birds, gingers, dwarfs, people not being the correct weight, you dancing the boy part in the pretzel Lily: yes indeed, Bunny and Pippa <3, you never wearing the same outfit, you being a diva but I love you anyway, Bible study, blocking people on Snapchat, that weird mouth thing we do, swoopy forever, Exodus, best car ever, that one annoying person, Friends quotes, early Sunday school, ocean sounds, not living up to sleeping in my car, Nancy sleepover, never sneaking out of your house, telling M everything, you and Paul forever, Twizzlers, New Years 2016, your love for Pippa and not Max, pong champions, Washington trip, whosaywhatnow, Juan Fianza and Los Banditos, Spanish president film, karaoke at the Surf, meltdowns on Exodus, Rich Girl, Carry Me Through, you always harmonizing to every song there is, making mistakes with people at some parties Grace: Hail Southern, GATA, 1,2,3 smile, BDC, us being sick human beings, Fourth of July, me and Will Trevitt bonding, getting sick over Fourth of July, losing my chill on Exodus, vines, manager for Gaggie, kicking out our potential roommate, verbal skills, spring break car rides, WITBLMFH, RiRi, I need to throw up but I can’t, carpet burns, us never going to Statesboro together, IDGAFN, BWTF, coming back from the beach and falling down, losing sight, Kansas boys, 124, The Lonely Island, cafeteria queens, 4 more years, Seven Nation Army, Anne Frank, getting roasted in math, okay okay, mannnn, not understanding anything going on in stats Emily: hey Babehhh, fist bite, sticky rice, shrimp curry, chili, Christmas Eve scavenger hunts, Santa Claus falling off the roof, family dinners, my Emmie, snuggling with Tim, the river house, Thanksgiving at the farm, Uncle Mark and Uncle Dan, sweet Wiggles, Gin Gin’s laugh, alrighhhhttt, family beach trips, the Thompsons making surprise visits at your house, family drama on our beach trip, Aunt Theresa Valentine: twins, art, dropping art, intern, teachers switching our names, Nanaaa, breaking pipes, Dr. Dromsky ignoring you, ugly crying face, always Shadow’s name, your dad picking up me and Jensen, Friendsgiving at your house, having every class together, never having a completed piece of artwork, our hatred for pizza, you always thinking you’re possessed, tennis, having crushes Luke: dinner dates, sharing our relationship problems, SAB, our many duets on Exodus, always trying to race on Zebulon, Turkey Ball, Susie always going the extra mile, driving each other, baby goats Allie: art, dropping out, always praying for you during second period, Laura always cooking breakfast, our homemade ouija board in your basement, Tuck and Daisy, me always wanting to go to your house, tennis, long lunch Gracen: hey girlie, the drive to your house, you always calling me when you’re worried, always finishing an icey drink in 10 seconds, Mr. Robert, witnessing someone almost drown in Amelia, our places being so close in Amelia and never knowing, art freshman year, FaceTiming, Surf karaoke Sarah Kate: corn dogs, bros, Fourth of July, freshman Spring Break, Mills, Perk, David, the wiener dogs, student sections, me starting the ‘Sarah Kate’ chant against FPD, never having a class together, roses are red, my name isn’t Dave, this poem makes no sense, microwave, you v. Mr. Fletcher since you always got in arguments, you being in the right state of mind in front of my mom, positivity, me always in front of the camera, opera music, road trips to Aquinas, your erasers in 5th grade, trying to make our own faded jean shorts, Sonic adventures, always eating, Kat: that one picture of us from the 4th of July when we were kids, Springdale, Mary Katherine Rodgers, crying in 2nd grade because Mary Katherine stole you from me, Bible study, dodging texts from Matthew, never responding to our bible study group message, carpooling when we were younger, having a picnic in your treehouse every chance we got, Sam and Pete, bubbles on the stairs, always being the first ones there at breakfast on Thursdays Riley: our love for humanities, Holocaust/world cultures papers, never having enough quizzes and tests in environmental, english, debates in humanities, our group slip and slide at your house, chocolate chip pancakes, your house always being the go-to after a party, you being our driver, struggling to find dresses, introducing you   Do to houseparty Wade: my love for everyone in your family, breakfast dates, u got kik, shotgun, dancing up on me in break, the weird eye thing you do, Allison, Sadies sophomore year, prom, sweating, your car that’s in perfect shape, newbies on SAB, getting me out in Hitman, in love with a white girl, youth, Exodus, taking pictures just for Lori, cutest couple that never was, New Years lol, driving you, calling me, homeroomie Kevin: coconut flavor, that one time O’neil and I had a handshake, Mac getting stuck in the gate, venting to each other, Flo and Mayhem, bowling, redemption shots George: curtains, your room, humanities, road trip to Aquinas, pipe it up, Sadie Hawkins, meeting in the Kroger parking lot, hiding phones in English, bricks Annabelle: yeah okay face, hit that nae nae, preparing for public speaking, the ride to spring break Tootle: our dads being besties, GA games, falling on the treadmill at your house, teaching you about ketchup and mayonnaise, Lila Dawn’s birth, Mrs. Spillers Jensen: the morning after that one party, never knowing where to go for long lunch, Mrs. Spillers, homeroomie, complaining about your intern, sweet Charel, always going bowling, your door locking on its own, never watching Eight Men Out, streaks Ames: middle finger, ho ho ho, homie, you never doing humanities but I always help you, never knowing when we have a quiz or test, word, dab, you’re the worst, having too many classes together, us being stubborn to give each other our tags, paper cut on my eyeball because of you, tallies in Dr. Dromsky’s room, Homecoming dance and being in a bad mood, $8 brownies, never having environmental notes Aaron: good to see ya, how ya doin’??, not looking when we do our handshake, shooting 3’s, Wade doing his dab, not having a belly button, throw up noise Jake: hey boy, Sadie Hawkins, DJs during break but only playing oldies, pump #6 at shell, hugging every time we see each other, having to sit next to me on the plane when it comes time for senior trip, getting yelled at for commentating at the faculty basketball game Loy: Dr. Dromsky picking on you, calling me names that I don’t approve of, me wanting to marry you and Robert in preschool, family dinners at the Sheridans, forts in the woods with Justin, the Tahoe, houseparty, study hall Robert: Spring Break and some other times lol, George walking in, me wanting to marry you and Loy in preschool but never remembering, redemption shots against Kevin Noah: your love for my family, asking if my sisters are single, sarcasm, biiiiiihhh, your eyebrows, falling asleep in environmental, 4Runner twins, just laughing nonstop at nothing, walking in on Spring Break, whatchu tryna do?? Zane: why are you at a Stratford event??, don’t worry about it, shoulder shrug, teaching cotillion, 7th and 8th grade love<3, your fat cat, road trip to Aquinas, puma, your pressure point, Zonith Safi: my love for you and no one else Emma: you look alright, Suze and Ang, on that tennis grind, The Eberhardts Josh: the face, the big lips, the nose thing that I can never do, prrttttt Nathan: N.I.Q., talking ghetto to each other no matter what the conversation is, threeee, not going to sleep Burke: yeah??, the Johnsons Blake and Davis: chawboys and chawgirls, dating both of you lol, talking southern to each other Holland: Exodus, tennis partners, always giving you a hard time but I love you anyway Zoe and Sophie: having the pleasure of driving y’all every Thursday, I’ll definitely miss it! 7th period college algebra: making math worth going to, 69 jokes, hating on that one person, getting roasted every day Coach Bridges: complaining about art every day, always being sick Mrs. Ferrari: 6th period algebra 2, Noah and me always saying hello Stratford: making my time here since sixth grade something to remember forever

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