Jacob Burke

Luke​: constantly roasting SK in watercolor, zoo (elephant), Ski Trip, thad during coach’s speeches, triple trifecta at hoco, Trey:​ ”what’s in the cup?”, shooter, cubiche Sammy​: dd, son, the left tackle torch, Mike Stud, bowling, bad experiences with Mr. Daniels, nights at Durso’s, Vischi’s cooking, wasting life with pokémon go, Jeanean’s, Moon Taxi, Idle Hour pool, Ms. Monica’s car rides, coach may’s cargos, intense get-aways, wing night, roasting Sydnie, Veloseraptor, New Years, jumping in pools, poker, Bragg Jam, defibrillator on SB, only person I can share shoes with, pepper, middle spoon Riley:​ Houseparty, Mickey Mouse Aaron:​ OSU beating Bama, the lodge, encounters on highway, assassin Tripp: a​ goat Michael:​ $17, poker, wing night, very replaceable, 53 Annabelle:​ guess the shirt, struggles with Snapchat, “are our senses deceiving us?”, paddy waddy, the fries still in the middle of the ski slopes, and also taking out old ladies, zoo (shark), 4.8 out of 5 Mimi​: jungle juice, abusive friendship, Trump impersonation, annoying Dr. D, failing college alg Jon:​ werder, trying to double team Will Evans, fixing my window, table and speaker, eskimos Noah:​ an offensive line, Jeneane’s parking lot, Warner Robins, quarterblack, glowah, glow gang,1 pass for the season, laying out dontrez, atkinson game, eyebrows, the cabin ac, Georgia game Russell:​ “it’s too hot,” going off in faculty game, English video, basketball camp, eurostep, trying to teach me how to dance Sydniee​: Houseparty with Sayrie, Warner Robins, Hawaii, the frontier, Highlands, not so little drummer boy, Gracie Bell, Alexa Grace:​ Sole reason for passing senior English, humanities, GATA, are our senses deceiving us?, paddy waddy Loy: f​ishing, long lunch, the wheelchair, simba, humanities, a brown paper bag, warrior, cubiche Jaylan: f​ootball camp’s ac, getting stiff-armed, coach sweeney Larson: ​Physics, a new shoulder, Jeneane’s, almost getting hit by cars for cope Tucker​: Mort, unexplainably being a guard Lucy & Liza: f​inding dogs in your neighborhood, my citizenship, Sam’s love for me over you, failing learner’s (Liza), lunch money Carter: ​Pete, poker, lax practice, my bruised “arm” Maggie T: Bivins punching a hole in your wall, New Years, climbing your brickwall, reading on Skype, first friend in Georgia, Fergie, mini brownie batter blizzard, rubbish, Hoco David:​ Mike Stud, night at Farriba’s, Falcons practice, Winston, surprising Snapchats, chafing at football camp, getting destroyed during Aquinas game on PAT, setting Durso’s bushes on fire, lax practice, dealing with thad, swole patrol, giving you rides, losing dogs in the woods, senior GroupMe, your dad yelling at football games Jensen: Green Apple, suicidal thoughts in physics, chewing ice, mobile project, skin cancer, beating you in 8 ball and every other game, the puppy, cherry yogurt at Tutti Frutti, unneeded sass Jeffrey: squeals Ames​: sarcastic comments, homeroom, the river, platinum, short/fat jokes, Sierra, a dip at football camp, that one time in Ohio, study hall, glass, fumbling on conversations and punts, anger management classes Andrew:​ fly-by shooting, green card Kasey: Physiology, fumbling at the goalline, “aye dawg”, Coach Pierce’s gold bond Josh:​ McDonalds, left side duo, sausage, throwing jud into my closet, homeroom, “wanna share a pizza,” Will Evans, a new fence, Drake&Josh, georgia game Crawford:​ my bathroom floor, veloseraptor, garage, ice maker, buster Kevin: ​Dunked Oreos, the river, prying your dog loose, platinum, Sammy saving your life, little spoon, the maids at Shivdat’s stealing everything, thief at Halloween, Winston the fish Robert​: making the news, Roger’s old house, mailbox, “silver SUV,” stop sign Jessica:​ Denson, Sadies Anna​: bud, cu cu, t train, mcjean Wade:​ making me hate myself, Falcons blowing a 25 point lead, blowhio state, britler, Sydnie’s head Sarah​: suicidal thoughts in physics, daily hugs, my heart, romantic strolls to class, Brad Sarah Kate:​ Carnegie, Dory, watercolor, vibrato, the week of hell, jumping in your pool, Joseph Nathan:​ my window, trail mix, veloseraptor, moose, Laren, dill pickle, dilldog Coleman: “ye ​ ah?”, the johnsons Tarab: ​Holocaust, swim meet, citizenship, lax Blake​: watercolor, chaw, 20th century sports, “shut up” Justin: sw​ole patrol, football camp, wasps at morning practice, Bragg Jam, asking coach if you can sleep in his bed, giving advice about girls, Mindy, steaming, ice baths PBrew: ​post practice fried chicken Olivia: monkey noises, 69 years of math with mih bahwell Kat​: Buffaloes, zoo (squid), burke-sitting, Bearstock, ice cream, geocaching, riddles, Sebastian, ogre, Braves games, thider, Agape, Moontaxi, Bragg Jam, lilf, 3 almonds and half a sandwich, both kinds of ice cream, Coke icee, Mussolini and Stalin, hair dye, beating me in bowling, driving lessons, ski trip, trivia with pbody, Mr. Ticka, Mulberry Lane, sidehugs, messing up leadout

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