Lily Howe

Jensen: secret buddy, frozen cokes, the night you saved my life, our shared love of pickles, cheese, and avocados, several made up dances, dealing with C and K, getting the flu the first day of 2017, post Sadie’s grilled cheese, E man, bus rides, base buddy for 4 years :), love of red lipstick, Hitler and Stalin, intern period, chatting in Mrs Avant’s office, 8th grade hatred, our insane love of Christmas music, matching nightgowns, the blow up mattress, fro yo runs, the snacks in a cooler on the cheer bus, coolers, juice cleanses, A Walk to Remember/Me Before You Valentine: bed buddy, your car, Jeep life, Friendsgiving host, pre-dance get togethers, and pre-dance meltdowns, waiting awkwardly in W’s house, Ansley’s bed Kat: woah woah woah, black cheese, Pal, good luck good luck good luck, your insane memory, pushing Lucy down the driveway, masterpieces in the yard, DANIELLE, neighbors for 5 years, CHUCKLES, best car ever, 6 exoduses, TMM, lots and lots of piano/singing practice, 3 talent shows, our first gig, me being taller than you for 4 years, clown face pancakes, ski trip 2017, SIB for 3 years, bringing the talent show back, big girl and backorder, matching American girl doll dresses, tennis lesson with THE man, spying on my old house, Pippa and Sam dates, dealing and struggling with you know who :/, me always being late to bible study, your obsession with coffee, late night Kroger runs and nachos, the picture frames, the bridal dress, Heidi, the princess and Barbie bike seats, the homemade fort that led to disaster, good times in yearbook!!, your list of Lily quotes, late night meals, red bird and blue bird, tons of Christmas Eves, our love of Chipotle, years of Uno games Coleman: yes indeed, Twizzlers, continual annoyance of you know who, the best car ever!!!!, the Chandler Bing/angry face, friends quotes, 5 exoduses, Juan Fianza, who shot the president, getting mad at your stubbornness ;))), rich girl, baby Sunday school, making ocean sounds at SB, good ole Sus, Nancy sleepover 2015, not being part of the LSOC, that awkward convo with M, blocking certain people, pong champions, the Washington shades, Cell Block Tango Kelley Homeroom: MK screaming when we don’t listen to announcements, JR, Finn, and Cameron always being late, losing Nate, Judson, Jackson, Joe, and Bhavik, gaining Pan, Shijing, and Jaylan Ames: tons and tons of lake, beach, ski, and Roberta trips, backyard baseball games, aggressive basketball games at Ska’s, New Years, the flu, several rides home, three long college visits, your big sis, me being roasted in math every day, coming to all Orioles games Kevin: the church by Emily’s house, Valentine’s mom’s car, glowing, Zane’s house, spilling all over O’Neal’s computer lol, killing you and Loy in pong, pong partners forever, several car trips, Noah’s car, talks at the chicken coop, post Sadie’s in my yard, Mr. Stecher, your rescue ride, surprise visit, Sadie’s.., Sachin’s house, English class neighbors, greatest mentor team ever George: my go to coach, best prom date ever!!!, my favorite soccer player, math class, our prom pic Monica: Moni, Belize roomies, our roommate bonding chats every night, you sleeping through the whistling, braiding everyone’s hair Gracen: Amelia beach trip and practicing karaoke, constant third wheel, Barbs!!, the awkward movie date, Sachin’s driveway, 2 trips to Athens, watercolor, lots and lots of STN parties, you’re quiet like a baby deer, Diamond girls, you never knowing the baseball rules, sitting by the pool at SB, dropping the fork in the pool, long lunch dates, your terrible driving Katherine and Betsy: Gossip Squad!! Riley: the JBiebs concert, lot of STNs, Mark and Mary Ellen’s special memories of me, our love of Mr. Ethridge, Holocaust, ┬áMax <3
Marge: Jazz and Mimi, our deep family discussions, your destruction of everything I own, Roo and Max, burying Pansy, Wilbur 1, 2, 3…, Pippa loves you more than me, pulling my arm out of socket, you slicing your finger with a nail polish bottle, the chariot, Eye-lie, Fudge, our second grade pool house party (mafia, gremlins), dictators, late night phone calls where you stop talking, my family feeding you for 10 years, me being a weenie, four long years of homeroom and adopt a child, Nate.., tons and tons of movies/editing, the hamster whisperer, neighbors for 11 years, getting lost in the woods by your house, naming Nancy, prom decorations, Hal’s many repeated stories, me never exercising, you recreating my “house smell” in a splash bottle, sleeping in Nancy, the beast (finding a cracked egg in the back seat), you and your name brands, you making my Twitter and Instagram accounts, Belize roomies, Halloween night (glitter in the uber, David and Justin, my ear infection), Ronnie’s wedding, road trip with Hal to Athens Belize: Moni, whistling!!, me not being able to snorkel, river trips, killing tarantulas at night, Docio <3 <3, Lisa, Noble and Nolan, the terrible food on the island, Ames and the burrito Grace: right corner fun, cupping my leg, yearbook, picnics and roses, I hate you/you’re my inspiration, our sick raps, aliens on Halloween, rallying for your birthday, trips to Malibu, team building leaders at cheer camp, pre Bragg jam at your house, our nicknames.., the coolest car ever on Exodus, me and my friends dance, you teaching me important life skills, breaking down in Leo, the turkey bacon ranch Luke: you constantly dealing with me, Sadie’s, 6 exoduses, youth, math class, ski trip 2017 car buddies Annabelle: right corner forever, boogums, Thomas lol, beads, our meeting at Emily’s house, ski trip 2017 roomies/car buddies, knowing the words to everything, juicing, me and my friends dance, the Homecoming mishap Sarah Kate: Ska Surfer Dude, Lilith Frances Renaldo Howe III, Murder on Puppy Street (our big debut), Smaha News, The curse of the bucked teeth, the headless squirrel, my dancing Afro video, SO many trolls (trollville in my bathroom closet), Chick-fil-A cows, littlest pet shop, Hannah Montana/Cheetah Girls concert, our bible story plays, Nez Pierce true (spilling Coke all over you in the video), our love of lady Gaga, you being THE worst, the clean beans forever, camping on your front porch, burning my backyard down, our obsession with Harry Potter, your insane sugar highs, eating off brand Fruit Loops and pepper bacon, aggressive pool basketball games, beach trips, many games of jaws, prom night woo, I’m so cold, I’m so lonely, Howard, cat, sissy, and the other potato chip songs, me being you and Ames’ older sister, years of dressing up in Mimi’s dresses, our pet hermit crabs and when yours was dead but you thought it was in a coma, J Wop’s parent’s bathroom, our trip to Athens, our secret life of pets date, breaking my nose and you crying more than me Jake: the Adriana to your James Bond, the hundreds of pencils you’ve borrowed from me, every class together junior year, long lunch Holland: Twins for life, when we first met and I cornered you in the Exodus bus, 4 Exoduses, singing louder than everyone else all the time, lots and lots of harmonies, Snapchat best friend for 6 months, late night snapping every night, lots of rides, poems, you getting the plague on the ski trip, you being on the church board lol, singing at Youth, talking about me failing AP and you acing AP, the drama on last exodus Allie: first ones on SB, bed buddies, bus buddies, suffering through AP Geo, all our convos during basketball cheer, our “real” chats, lots of pre-basketball game sessions, club saltine crackers, base buddy, jumping the fence and ripping my pants, always forcing you to have fun, raisins, my two day health kicks, the pizza place, SARAN WRAP, hiding stuff in your bag instead of mine, hiding in the bushes, River Forest pool, a Snapchat streak, being my shadow in 8th grade, lots of jewelry Josh: 7th grade love, Homecoming 2016.

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