Loy Sheridan

Robert: preschool, Idle Hour, the summer grind, creatine, Katie’s hot but mean roommate, leaving Nate behind in Athens, when the bag is bigger than you. Jensen: Sadie Hawkins, seaside, the time you saved me at Emily’s, Anna Butler, your sassy attitude. Jake: shooting team, nonsense Instagram captions, barn loft, head stone, abandoning me in Crawford’s wheelchair. Luke: TurtleTeam, salamanders, speeding past Susie after Sachin’s party, unreasonably washing your hands. Aaron: the lodge, deep convos, fishing, squirrel hunting, Chest.  Kevin: vine-ingle baseball, belt thief investigations. Coleman: junior year study hall, house party, senior English, Yeet, my heart. Riley Grossnickle: my mother, Skype, middle school drama, Jake Jamison: College algebra, demerits, git, double whip. Ames: “The summers kitchen” almost dying in Roberta, frog gigging, Braves game. George: Snapchat streaks, the girl no one ever found out about, O squad. Sarah Kate: study hall, princess bride, fat suit, hitting me in the eye with headphones, being way too extra at break, Joseph Webb, messages on your computer from a significant other. Annabelle: bonding over dabbing, neighbors, passing each other everyday, suffering in genetics and humanities together, Algebra II, dancing too fast at Sadie Hawkins, Nike socks, homeroom, my long hair. Jacob Burke: dealing with Sarah Kate at long lunch, British accent, that one time at your house, warrior diet, do it for Shrek. Zane: car wash business, my generator, two un-loyal girls, the bass road deer, the life- threatening car rides, ping pong, Nathan: rapping Migos in English, the frat house that wasn’t that lit,  Crawford: your wheelchair, the Rav, the time I experienced the Lion King in your house, la smuggie. Blake: flowmaster 40, Scottys, torsion bars, a log. Davis Jones: that random time we saw each other at Taylor Beasely’s, Rollin coal. Jon Barron: the table, cups, and balls, THE speaker, the buggy, the bag of goodies under your bed, Jones Co. People. Josh Davis: backyard tournaments, Rogers, Heathers, Finn’s party, the senile woman who crashed her car in Roger’s front yard, always getting in trouble in junior English. Andrew Palmer: watercolor, 20th century sports, The Tahoes. Lizzi Clayton: Freshman year. Monica: my endless love. Sheriff Ferrari: my long hair, rip, the demerit you were never able to give me.

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