Maggie Greer

Curlman: Braves game concerts, Ludacris, kavus, Washington roomie, “Look at that soldier he looks so happy,” You being a middle school playaa, GA/FL, walking alone down frat beach as 7th graders, Hot nugget, blaming stuff on Eli, making movies, Evil villains in the Spanish Film Festival, that one time the workers at my house helped with a movie, my first instagram with you, Cuddling in my bed, forcing you to spoon, hairy legs, liking Carol better, Sophomore year art with Carol, your art masterpieces, 1st semester AP Art, Hotel California, old music 4ever, Dave’s karaoke, Ouija board, Axe!!!, being haunted by demons, slumber parties at my house, knowing the lyrics to every song, being able to recite every movie line, Nancy and Hank, Mama Su being the best of all time, SAB!!!, datewalls, the wanted posters, your pizza phobia, Boss and Bunny, freshman year spring break, pretending we were in Australia, venting, forcing you to spend the night with me, coming to visit all the time next year, LOVE U PUNKIE Lilith: Lillian Katherine Howe, our insane grandmothers, fighting with FUDGEEE, troll dolls, breaking your stuff, that one time I told a ghost story and shattered your sand dollars, your middle school smile, your middle school boyfriends, Max and Roo, that one time with Roo in the beast, burying our beloved Pansy, Wilbur I, Wilbur II, Wilbur III, Pippa and Boss, making me play house, scheming, Eye-lie, dressing up in Mimi’s costumes, all of our movies ever, homeroom, adopt a child every year, dealing with Nate, my highspeed California Chariot saving George the hamster, neighbors, dealing with the Neighbros, Idle Hour Neighborhood News, online shopping, Splash, eating all of your pantry, go dawgs, recreating your house smell, the baby picture with the weird cabbage, wearing your mom’s clothes when I was 8, always hurting you, saying things about people when they’re right behind you, quite possibly being the most unlucky human being I’ve ever met, knowing you will always tend to me <3 <3 <3 Grace: G$$$, Middle school basketball, absolute bench warmers, our dad’s, T-BIRD!, our height difference in pictures, that one time at the beach where I ate 100 cuties in about 2 days, the Kansas boys, Athens with Ian, my friend outside the taco shop, Rhi Rhi+Nancy 4ever, being a month apart, Tennessee fans are the worst, human party foul, our sick twisted humor, Mrs  Grace’s preschool, never ever attending a daycare or school in our childhood without each other Emily: Pinky, Salty Mcgee, two hour trips every weekend to Rome, ole Melissa, Lisa, Q-Tip, always showing mean mares, stalking horse show idols, Ali Degray, being in the best shape ever from playing horseshow, smelling like the barn and never showering, Bun barded!!!, Jaz babysitting us, Jaz juice, getting lit at exhibitor parties, TWO HUT TWO HUT, PULL THE TRIGGER PULL THE TRIGGER, BOOTY SMACK BOOTY SMACK, my mom’s dance moves, middle school idols, Milfy Lane!!!, Tim and Jaz, we love harbor, me hiding from GL’s parties as a freshmen, Spending the night together every weekend, Christ Church, Hating to acolyte, being the only normal people at Rockbrook, your first cabin at camp, me stealing GL’s clothes, Mutt and Jeff, getting into political debates, always bickering, your scalp, your house smell, Eli’s t-shirts, workout buddies, Kim, always fishing for compliments, that one time we got Kim a christmas present, paying for each other’s meals, when we taught Sander’s M R P=Manners, Respect, Peace, adventures with Sanders, being your backspot, never letting you fall, always wanting to go to the farm, the pilgrimage when all we wanted was to take a taxi, when I got a skirt in NYC, ordering so much room service, That one night at the swamp, Starbucks, DQ, Luke Bryan, fighting about Glen Tennason, always eating, the play, being the most random princesses ever, my mom liking you more than me, getting the scoop from you, always knowing you will help me with outfits, having the best fashion sense ever Evans: Conehead, being weird, driving Nancy, me and Emily dropping you off at Kroger freshmen year, loving Boss eternally, Bo being the worst dog ever, Georgia games, that one time me you and emily has a new year’s eve photoshoot solely on a self timer, SAB, you making the worst datewalls of all time, the Catholic church, being a flonde, helping you with your terrible datewalls, DQ squad, you also helping me with clothing choices, that one time over the 4th, dealing with me, the scars on your leg from the beach, Forrest Gump style sprinting on the beach, chats with Hal, Hal and Sam being the most politically incorrect humans alive, the enjoyment of offending people, being Shorter’s counselor, our trip to NYC, THE BLACK PEARLS, your voice, the star spangled banner, sleeping with Boss, my Master’s hat, the Lucky Shanes, dealing with Emily on a daily basis, the swamp, Beth Boswell being the GOAT, “Papa can you hear me,” your thin hair, my ugly feet, your sausage toes, that one day where I got to be your nurse, Thomas being the strictest parent ever, always going to Emily’s, Cameron and Ferris, your incredible work ethic in school Carey: Carrie, petite savage, thinking of moderately offensive captions, going to church every Sunday, being sarcastic, that meme that describes our lives perfectly, taking pictures together because we’re the same height, your peach game, DQ squad, strictness, icing, Molly, driving Nancy your freshmen year, You Nancy and Krystal, coming to school late, being grounded, annoying you, the Phi Delt house, Fins Up, being pulled by a biker, trying to heely, being a giant diva, and you coming to visit every weekend next year  Caroline: Thad and Hal, your BMW, your freshmen year yearbook picture, The 200 IM that I still have not forgiven Doogie for, when our parents came to our meets, the butterfly, your Baewatch bathing suit, FPD prom, never answering your phone, bruising me with your pinches, christmas break practices, your good attitude, your fingers, when I went on a pilgrimage with Nancy, my fellow episcopalian Sarah Kate: Being the W O A T , us annoying people, meals at the rookery, driving Nancy, Freshman year spring break turn up, freshmen year photoshoots, eskimos, Thomas making fun of you, calling you about gov, making you be my gov partner and study buddy, your dance moves, boogying at break, yoga, you’re suffocating in the steam room, dachshunds, Shirley, Radar and Hal’s ole football days, football always being the best sport, the Indian tribe all of us created, making movies, troll dolls, grannys, Mills, me singing next to you in the play and clearly being better singer, the middle school high jump, dressing up as the blue sisters, sunroofs, middle school volleyball, SK’s sugar rush!!!!!!, staying with each other next year Anna Kat: Fripp Island, bean bag boolin, BIG GIRL, almonds, swimming the 500, weagles, long lunch at Starbucks, workout buddies during sleep in, your ab workout, backseat driving, me backseat driving you, the beautiful Black Irish, driving Nancy on SB, stealing your computer, baby Liza, the puppies are our siblings, Mr  Patterson, tutoring me in math, GO FROGS Lucy: Lulee, your nails, your backstraches, your sense of direction, do you looooveee him, Josh O, talking at cheer, your killer calves Jensen: Jenny, room workouts, APES, failing the APES exam, teaching me cheers my junior year Tarab: Always calling you for help, $10 dollars well spent, long lunch, boy talks, distracting Mr  Kelley, you always helping me and reassuring me that I do in fact have a brain, being a Russian spy or a CIA agent or an FBI agent, being the smartest and most hardworking human I know Mimi: TCU darties, Elizabeth’s friend David, FPD, you trying to gain weight in the gym where everyone else tries to lose, your back and arm scratching nails, genetics Emma: GOOD VIBES ONLY, pookie, incredible meme accounts, tagging each other in memes, late night chats, the play, the happily ever after dance, “Why do you always change into workout clothes?”, “okayyyyy?!” Valentine: “NANAAAAAAAA”, 5th period math, drinking my water, making sure I only have 1 piece of candy Tootle: Our 6th grade neighborhood walks, always being willing to drive Allie: Late night art calls with Laura, struggling together, breakdowns in the bathroom, pinterest, having too many classes together, dumb questions, candy in math, your hoarder car, your taylor swift CD, go deacs!!! Annabelle: your bad nicknames, tree nuts, asking dumb questions in genetics, annoying you, your beautiful blue eyes, Harry <3 Mei Mei: Let’s Go Ride!, Horses, miscommunications, “You ready to go shopping?”, me avoiding you, your pinches, reading, group snaps, maybe one day you will sleep in, the gym, never making it to one of your workouts, salads Gracie: Dry heave!!!!, mono girl, alien girl, “Is the spleen not part of the spine?”, A daddy is in the oil business, A house on 3rd street, the life of the rich and famous, the fourth, Ames, your scent, that one night in the swamp, having the best hair Gracen: you being my shadow, playing wiffle ball in PE that day, your legs, your big camera, Belize photoshoots, HOTTY TODDY Ellie: 5th period math, being Mr  Stecher’s favorite, never visiting LSU but go tigers anyways!, your sarcasm, Go Dawgs! Riley: Mr  Patterson, Aunt Jemima, halloween, swimming, the lazy river 4ever! Olivia: Olive, talking at cheer, discussing and comparing camps, ~camp friends are the best friends~, go dawgs!!! Jake and Olivia: lifeguarding class the day after prom Kevin McJean: Driving to Athens, not knowing who won the game, Genie, Genie in a bottle, nuts, long lunch, late night gov talks, venting, your scar, scarring your dog, spending quality time with Oneil Aaron: Hugs and compliments, don’t touch me, SAB, fighting about college, elephant ideals, roll tide, your eyeballs, saving me from the fire Luke: the pookie to my mookie, your so soft and fluffy!!!, harassment, the O G  SAB squad,, evening discussions, that one time @Kevin @Luke @Lily  George: Goige!, Sadie Hawkins Wade: My dad liking you more than me, your eye after Sadie’s  Jack Kelly: Ski trips, being local, our dads, family trivia, the wax hand, Belize, giving you the silent treatment Jake Jamison: 11 Karen and Maimee: all the rides freshmen year Karen: TUNDRA!!!!! the best neighbor ever, robert smoking cigs every night, you having my guinea pig’s offspring, horses, weagle pride forever, you always giving me rides Mary Lynes: Marshmallow, Horseshows, delovely Betsy: Betty!, getting nervous during the play, rides and IHCC dates SAB: The best 4 years, Holiday assemblies, Lake Oconee, the smelly fish, BRIDGE JUMPING Weagles: The lazy river, the best of times, the worst of times, Doogie, the memes, the memories, the 200 IM AP Art: The endless projects, issues, blood, sweat and tears all for 12 pieces :’) The Kelley Homeroom: the hike up the stairs, losing roughly 3 people per year, being the lone survivors, venting in the mornings, I’m here!, somehow getting adopt a child done.

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