Om Sakhalkar

Aaron: A-Ron, Haaron, Hee-hee Ron, Ford F-150s, gym, basketball. Burke: India’s declaration of Independence. Josh Davis: Your random comments. Nathan Dillard: Band. Crawford: Days until graduation, your coffee. Jake: Cracker Barrel, your shoes, your greetings. Noah: No-no. Kevin: A Monopoly board, Trump. Safi: Sahan. Wade: Some Indian dance moves. Robert: Bigger hands, Bob, Bobby, that English paper about driving (RIP), our sane political conversation. Smolensky: Academic performance, your mom. Trey Tharpe: Hot sauce, too much sauce, AP Bio. Loy: Dance moves, monkey. Ames: A bunch of grapes for “launching.” Riley: My parents. Julianna: Your sass. Allie: When we both thought we were spying against each other for the AP English dossier. Mimi: I can’t teach you math. Jessica: That tennis match we still have to play, I’m better at tennis than you are. Om Patel: Stadford, Om Jr. Clark: Haircut appointment, Kevin. David Grant: monkey noises, LK. Daniel Cohen: tennis with extremely loud music. Sean Malhotra: Hand-squeezing contests, gym, rap. Bickley: A Southern accent, ice cubes, Safi. Charles Upshaw: [email protected], your MAGA hat. Rush: Advils, debate, colleges, Swampi, Patel cousins, gas stations, motels, Indian restaurants, Modi. Tejas: Dance moves (especially the slight dab), cancer research, an extra pair of socks, clumpy curls, roasts, Jubin, freshman girls. Nischal: math team, a perfect ACT score, GHP. Mark: CP, your amazing tennis shots, quiz bowl captain, tennis team captain. Cole G: Wink-wink, Did you do your homework?. Carson Greene: A water bottle. Greg: the election, a sliced waffle, dropshots, moonballs, lobs. Akshay: Ak-biscuit, Akyaar, Ashkay, mad skills. Sahan: Copying everything that I have done, that’s why nobody likes you, goblins, Georgia Southern Math Tournament. Tripp: doubles tennis together, using your keys to open the tennis locker room restroom. Math Team: A bunch of trophies, having Mr. Stecher as our chaperone, dues that nobody seems to pay, Georgia Math League (RIP). Quiz Bowl: two victories, Jay Dardenne, free food, Dinner Bell. Tennis Team: GroupMe, underclassmen skipping practice, monkey noises, Coach Wade, sit down and shut up, trap bus, roasts, TEJAS. Mr. Stecher: ARML, AP Calc, being the best intern you ever had, the countless math tournaments we embarked on. Mr. Kelley: Modi’s victory. Mr. Free: A 5 on both AP exams, cholesterol injections, econOMics. Mr. Harrington: 2 big huge Quiz Bowl victories, getting roasted for my hand motions. Dr. Katz: Some Frosted Mini-Wheats, a free AAA card. And the rest of Stratford, from the Class of 2018 onwards: Really big shoes for you guys to fill.

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