Russell Mole

Jacob Burke: it’s too hot, dancing, euro step. Nathan Dillard: “Y’all Beefing??” Nike sleeve, sleepover. Trey Tharpe: Sandy, “You already know what going on,” Hold up-Kodie Shane ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty. Molly Groves: Happiness, Grinding at tennis, Being annoyed by me all the time. Alyssa Ferland: Your $20. Big Boat: Freestyles, Your Nasty Reverse, Food, Food and some more Food. Mimi Davis: Lil Uzi Vert. Deandre Duehart and Jaden Harris: Your Actual Birth Certificate. Blake Hendley: Going Hunting, Nebu Kiniza-Gassed up. Edlin St. Vil: …..Edlin and How to play football 101. Margo Hannan: My inspirational quote, Big Brother Advice, Moes. Amelia Bunker: Pickles, Lion Cub, Dragon Fruit. Faith Boyington: A Box of Zax Sauce. Jon Barron: “A Large Ice Cold Water”. Jaylan Hughes: A Dub in Madden 17, Stephen Curry, Josh Norman , Wr vs Cb, Jaylan’s Island, Strong, “Jaylan…….Can you take me home?, “Why I gotta eat outta of dis one?”. Noah Hill: Old Migos, Auntie Vanessa’s Fried Fish. Tobe Umerah: A Dub in 2k, your catch phrase. Jordan Jones: Halfcourt Shootout. Annabelle Tomlin: Daily Hugs. Tucker Massey: Tryann Mathieu. Christian Palmer: Goat Status. Josh Davis: Kansas, being the best 8th grade basketball player in Stratford History

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