Thomas Thwaite

Andrew Smolensky: Repeated jokes that never get old, squee, relaxing drives to Moe’s, got em, inappropriate comments to children. Finn Anderson: Moments of contemplative silence, roaches, relaxing afternoons of gaming, unexpected wildness, camp outs, flaming dough boys, fancy firehose. Walker Gibbons: Uncle Daddy, the various games that I’ve probably borrowed from you, Moe’s Monday, PDA. Megan Wimberly: My application to Megan’s Magic School of Whimsy. Mark Borrow: Enthusiastic greetings. David Matlock: Jessica vs. David, a roast, prominent nipples. Grace Deedrick: Hot code, the Stratford campus, Germany, Tortilla ting, cow heaven, lunch outside, all the dinosaur nuggets, butter, PDA, band section, buckets of fun, periodic screaming, naps, Halloween, every mother role. Alex Smith: The war with the Vietnam. Justin Griffin: Excessive touching, poker night, Tech games. Lizzi Clayton: Entertaining tangents. Carly Wanna: Mantis fights, strange fighting noises, drawn out spelling, extended eye contact. Aaron Arnold: Thanks Aaron, daily positivity. Meggie Avivalotis: Smol bby, kid, coughs in your direction, saliva sword. McKinley Thompson: That special moment. Logan Thomas: Sylvester. Austin Slocumb: The bad sword, off stage shenanigans. Tarab Ajan: Daily insults, Tarable, study guides. Trey Tharpe: A firm handshake. Kevin McGean: Poker nights. Michael Hicks: campouts, the throwing pit. Wade Snow: flaming dough boys, Arsenal woes, banter with Stechar, making AP Calc somewhat enjoyable. B Squad: 4th of July, Music Midtown, Lake Tobasafcee, Boone, drama. Everyone else: the occasional word and/or light conversation.

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