Kevin McGean

Gracie Holliman: mountain trip, skating bowl, the one time we made out, actual bro Lucy Lee: bumping in the driveway, DQ after track, Emma Davis: terrible nicknames, mountain trip, McGean, the fights, you look so hot today, Saturday Music Midtown, Luke, balls of fire in the senior parking lot Emily Sheridan: train tracks, pain of pre-cal, and feeding the fish. Carey: passing the torch. Lily Howe: Pong partners, trips to Pionono, infinite ices, slaps, Emily’s, chacos, every weekend, your front yard, helping you with grocery shopping, some unnecessary arguments Maggie Greer: trips to UGA, never missing a party, nuts, that one time, songs in English, sophomore graduation, terrorizing Big Mac Luke Slappey: Athens, COD, eskimos, jungle juice, trip to Gracen’s, Spring Break 2K16, RTDT, Loki, Thor, Jungle Juice Foundation Aaron: moccasins, pushing my car down the hill, chicken alarm, flowneil, ayy bit, always fishing Anna Kat: saving y’all that one night, sneaking out, Officer Pittman, Milla getting mad  Crawford: Pierce Dozier’s, Tift, fights, Burke’s house  Tarab: Study guides, life talks, Trump, politics, Spanish class comments,  Zane: RIP, your house, Xbox, RTDT, late night trips, sneaking out, air mattress, Lizzi and Annabelle, fishing Jessica: Jensen Claire: cans in mailboxes Trey: sophomore Spring Break, Oreo, advice on women  Walker: Chancellor, staying up until sun up every night of spring break Burke: trips to Warner Robins, advice, river videos, pissing josh off, cookies in drinks, weekend at my house, Crawford’s, big spoon Wade: blowneil, prom and after prom, going hard, middle fingers, being belligerent, turning up before games, FPD, student sections, Athens, messing with Fuller, Borat, meeting up after the Tennessee game, roaming the streets Sarah Kate: Nick O’Neal, student sections, river drinks, positivity, dying in AP Gov  Riley: princess tent, living at your house, late nights, Milla, missing Sean, dying at track, SB adventures, saving y’all’s lives, the pool, Mrs. Mellon, still being scared of Mark, telling each other everything  Jake Edwards: weekend at my house, sister jokes, sister’s ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, handleball, master hunter, little creak fights, bundle up, New Years 2017, undefeated middle school teams, Moon Taxi, wrecked cars, Jungle Juice Foundation Jensen: Maggie’s party, the rave, losing me at Halloween, Jessica, your dying turtle, suffering in precal  Coleman: post prom, SB talks, Flo, coconuts, wade, Robert jokes, bros, inappropriate jokes  Gracen: CFA, freshman year love, rager at your house, Box  Annabelle: prom, zanabelle, taking each other way too seriously   George: friends since Alex 2, cards against humanity, Zeus and Odin, advice on yellow, nights at Gregor’s,  Loy: chest, Idle Hour, Little Creek, country pumpkin, maimee, the goose Ames: late night adventures, weekend at my house, buying the wrong groceries, the river, SB night at Maggie’s, Waffle House Sierra, getting scratched by CD, fighting about everything, mooch, the lizard, armadillo Grace Adams: Coach Bridges knowing everything, Chancellor, all of my “problems”, Sadie Hawkins??, little brother, SB talks, always having dirty minds  Robert Stone: bobby, defense bros, night with holly, random Savannah nights, Tripp’s fire, pitching tents, freezing our balls off, “Bobby, stop trying to leave the house” Michael: poker Clifton: Box, hot sauce, poker, CFA, Homecoming and the juice, XC Steve: concerts, trip to Milly, Sam, causing mischief, Athens, KA neighbor’s yard, Ayyyy, my son, keeping me on track, bros forever Allie: HOCO, Genie, being annoyed by me 50% of the time  Logan: LT, hey bb, XC, borrowing the loafers  Cal: XC, sister jokes, death in pre-cal Larson: runs after practice, d-squad, grad party, steams, after soccer games and track meets  Nate Dillard: SB2K15, heads in coolers, Laren, crying, threeee, Moose, avoiding your dad, “why are we going to sleep?”  Anna Durso: sheets, our love-hate relationship, arguments with your mom  Maggie T: 8th grade, community service at the old person’s home, best parties, holes in walls, you, me, Ames, and Sierra Ellie Peterson: track, SB2K16, Emily’s Justin Griffin: Thad, steaming 24/7, Idle Hour, Carter’s dumbbell, bearstock Carly Wanna: Carly The Wise, love for Wade, giving me life advice, paranoid calls, going grocery shopping Josh Davis: totalling the drivers ed car, spilled coffee, breaking down the fence, nights at your house, adventures in Barrington, “I’m gonna kick Nate’s a**”  Sammy Martin: Steams, nights at the Durso’s, middle spoon, Pete

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