Robert Stone

Aaron: babysitting, the king, a sip, infinite rides and deep talks, Ames: Zane’s backpack, fruit ninja, trail mix, cat food, a candle and a handle, my knuckles, Huggies, hauling it to Roberta, George: the guest bed, twelve red apples, a bike at the bottom of your pool, Kevin: teaching old dawgs new tricks, cyber aggression, team four, being the loudest ones at Georgia football games, missing redemption against me and Wade, a cure for your Leprosy, building a fire at 5:00 am, a towel to cover up with, your brother’s bed, Jake: Germany’s finest, flowers for the graveyard, club soccer after George’s house, community service, $10 at the bottom of the pool, Luke: getting the truck stuck in River Forest, monkey bread, el oso, olives, the world record long jump, PKs on FIFA, lifting weights on your birthday, Wade: Chicken Bacon Ranch, the iconic banana costume picture, a bottle to kill Harvey, Charlie Trevitt chants, spring break roommate, Luke Ford’s car, club soccer fights, Loy: Little Creek, el oso, calls on your home phone, pig Latin, airsoft, the trusty Tahoe, homeroom for the last 10 years, Walker: Chicken Bacon Ranch, video games, your 360 controller, struggling together sophomore year, homeroom pep talks from Mrs. Lanier, Crawford: your ice maker, the arm cross, computer games for days, the classic fedora, SGI, garage parties, Nathan: Chicken Bacon Ranch, a tuck from Aunt Moogie, Adidas joggers, a goal off your back, “I don’t wanna go to sleep,” Josh: a cup in the yearbook slideshow, Thursday, the anchor, putting in work in senior English, candy island, road trips, Noah: QB1, Tink, sophomore nights at Rogers, Burke: making it on the news, a crushable water bottle, Zane: sideways thumbs up, River Forest, the dishwasher at Double Bogey, shirtless Instagram pictures, Nissan, riding truck bed to Halloween Om: V8, G-rated language all the time, tennis star, Trey: shoot around in the gym during intern, “I ain’t getting in the shower with you,” the wall at Double Bogey, Gracen: your dad’s jokes, that time we went to Sadie’s together? Sarah Kate: “The Worst” award every single weekend, the 300 club, Maggie: Monday morning jokes, Charlie, Grace: Prom 2k16, a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Riley: that month that we dated in 7th grade, Annabelle: homeroom shenanigans, “three,” Tootle: that Tuesday night party, Homecoming, Carly: AP Spanish, Yale, endless abuse from Wade, it’s not a sneak attack if you poke the bear, my keys if you ever need me to do anything with those, Tarab: AP Spanish, always knowing what’s happening in Gran Hotel, homeroom conversations

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