MEGAN WIMBERLY: Haircuts, artistic endeavors and yard sales

May 3, 2017

Megan Wimberly has had a senior year full of changes.

She has become more social, she got a very major haircut, and she has invested herself in art.

Having only one year studying the subject, Megan admitted she is inexperienced in art, so she spends her time perfecting her technique.

She currently has 24 finished works. Her current concentration that inspires her work is reflection, but physical and metaphorical. Her favorite piece she has made is of an Oscar award.

“No one taught me how to do it,” she said.  “We later made that my concentration.”

She was Stratford’s Golden Eagle nominee in art.

Another activity Megan is known for is tennis. She started playing in third grade. After breaking her ankle in fifth grade, she was forced to resign. She later rejoined the team in high school, only expecting to be in tier two. Instead, she was quickly moved up to tier one.

“I was very surprised because I haven’t been playing for such a long time” she said.

Megan also is soccer manager, a position she shares with Carly Wanna.

“We get to experience being apart of the team without having to play,” she said. “It’s been so much fun.”

Megan thinks her biggest change she has had during high school was coming out of her shell.

“I remember walking into home room my first year and reading a book,” she said. “I regret not being more social until myself senior year.”

Now Megan said she has a great friend group.

“I have had the opportunity to surround myself with wonderful people,” she said. “I’m really glad that I have really great friends.”

She said her favorite teachers have been Mrs. Mary Beth Gumbart’s accelerated English class and Dr. Frank Katz’s AP Literature class. 

Outside of the classroom, Megan enjoys shopping. She loves going to yard sales, thrift stores to find unique items and study the styles of the sellers. She thinks that her interest can eventually transition into a career.

Megan will be attended Georgia College in Milledgeville and will double major in art and marketing.


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