JANIE HATCHER: Quiet leader, volleyball and volunteering

May 7, 2017

Janie Hatcher’s motto is “don’t let anything hold you back from the future that you want.”

Keeping that motto in her mind earned her the position of president of Spanish Club, President of Salsa, and organizer of lower school events for ADL.

What made Hatcher interested in Salsa was her apathy towards drinking.

“I’ve never been interested in drinking alcohol, but I have seen the effects of alcohol and drugs” she said.

She also has been playing volleyball since junior year. Her favorite part of the sport is the team dynamic. Despite it being an individual sport, Hatcher believes that it is also a sport  encouragement.

“Everyone is cheering each other on.” she said. “Everyone has to lift up each other as a team so we can succeed.”

Outside of school, Janie enjoys painting, calligraphy, and visiting retirement homes with her official service dog. She also enjoys going to her grandparent’s farm with her mom’s side of the family.

Her role model is her mother. Despite being a homemaker, she also volunteers at the children’s hospital.

“She is a good leader, even if she doesn’t have an official title.” Hatcher said.

Hatcher’s favorite high school class was Mrs. Eleanor Marie McDavid’s AP Bio class, which is closely followed by Spanish. Her favorite teacher she has been Spanish teacher Ms. Aimee Grisham.

Hatcher’s favorite part of Stratford was field days, especially back in lower school.The part that she will miss the most is that relationships students are capable of forming with the teachers.

Hatcher is going to Furman University. Her major is undecided at this moment, but she is consider majoring in psychology or neuroscience.

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