MAGGIE GREER: Madam President, class clown and sweet memories

May 10, 2017

Maggie Greer was student body president her senior year at Stratford. But she may best be known for being somewhat of a class clown during her years at the Academy — from cracking a quick joke at Monday morning assemblies to just goofing off with her friends.

Since she has always attended Stratford, she is very comfortable spreading her humor around the school. This year, she made her dancing debut at the talent show. She put on a wig and danced a routine from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.”  It remains her most embarrassing memory.

Another embarrassing thing she remembers is in second grade when she had the biggest crush on her second-grade class intern, Cam Fuller. During her senior year,  she and a couple friends decided to look him up to see where he was today and discovered he had become a preacher.

Maggie also loves the teachers at Stratford. Her favorite is Ms. Carol Lanier because she is the “sweetest woman alive.” She also loves that she genuinely cares about her, and it shows.

Following the trend of most seniors her favorite FLIK food is Chinese day. She says she goes at a “full sprint” in order to beat the crowd to the lunchroom.

Along with her best memories will be the Friday nights she spent as a cheerleader at Friday night football games. She said she will miss the pep rallies on game days. 

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