ROBERT STONE: Soccer, friendships and Athens-bound

May 11, 2017

Ever since older sister, Katie, went to the University of Georgia, senior Robert Stone knew he wanted to follow in her footsteps.  

Next fall, Robert will be attending UGA alongside track star and Stratford graduate Katie.

Robert is very excited about the future with his sister.  

“We have become really close and it’s going to be great getting to go to school again with her at least for a year,” Robert said. “We have just become really close over the past five years.”

However, Robert still has some time left at Stratford before he will attend UGA in the fall.

At Stratford, Robert has been a member of the soccer team for four years and is heavily involved in student life.

Robert has also become close friends with fellow senior Crawford Edwards during his tenure at Stratford.

“Crawford came in fifth grade and we played some computer games together. We have been tight ever since,” Robert said.

When Robert moves on to UGA in the fall, he said he will miss the good friends and the overwhelming sense of togetherness from the Stratford community.

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