NOAH HILL: Quarterback, favorite teachers and ‘Lord of the Rings’

May 15, 2017

Noah Hill was the starting quarterback for the Stratford Academy Eagles and said it was a great experience.

He loved spending time with his teammates, and it was an all-around great season on the gridiron.

He said his two most influential teachers have been Coach Jamie Dickey and Mr. Dewayne Lawson.

If he could shadow anyone in the world, he said it would have to be Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, because he is a really cool guy and they are both quarterbacks, so they should get along just fine.

Noah said he is a huge “Lord of the Rings” fan.

In the fall, he will be attending Georgia Southern and is very excited. Even so, he will miss Stratford’s campus and its beauty.

Noah will be missed because of his winning attitude and ability to always lift people’s spirits.

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