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CRAWFORD EDWARDS: Finance club, Mrs. Lanier and driving his car

May 15, 2017

Crawford Edwards is a senior at Stratford, and has been at the Academy for a total of eight years.  His mother, Kristy, is an art teacher at Stratford.

He is a member of Stratford’s finance club, and created a simulation of the stock market in which students could use virtual money to buy bonds.  Recently they ended the simulation, and Crawford managed to lose almost$25,000. 

Crawford joined Mrs. Carol Lanier’s homeroom his freshman year, and has become close friends with her. This was all due to his home room teacher in eighth grade, when Mrs. Irene Whittaker suggested to Crawford that he should ask to be in her mother’s homeroom.  

Crawford has said that it was one of the best decisions he has made. 

Most people do not realize that Crawford can drive, but he feels very honored that he is able to get around without being so dependent on other people.  

Being able to drive is one of Crawford’s big accomplishments that have changed his life drastically.  

He is most thankful for when he broke his leg in fifth grade and couldn’t walk, but everyone was there to help him and help reassure him.

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