A Newly Crowned Queen With A Cherry On Top

Senior Chandler Peavy will reign over this year’s Cherry Blossom festival.

Queen Peavy, who was queen of the festival on Saturday, Nov. 16, will be joined on the court by three other Stratford seniors, princesses Alexandria Power, Katie Hlavaty, and Claudia Monfort.

Her royal highness said she was “most excited about all of the amazing people I’ll be able to meet, as well as the traveling I’ll be able to do. I can’t wait to represent Macon and the Cherry Blossom Festival and make the most out of this experience.”image (10) - Copy - Copy

During the pageant competition the girls were judged on poise and personality during an individual interview with the judges. They also performed a choreographed dance, and gave a speech in their pink evening gowns.

Princess Power said the most stressful part of the pageant was “having to give a speech in front of everyone”.

Being elevated to royalty was hard work, and the girls had practiced since October.

“We had rehearsal at least once a week for about a month and a half before the pageant, but I had to practice a lot outside of rehearsal too” Princess Power said. Princess Hlavaty said she even met with a pageant coach with experience in the Miss America circuit to prepare for the interview.

Although pageant day was full of nerves and stress, Princess Hlavaty said they enjoyed “talking with both the former pageant winners and this year contestants backstage! It was so much fun! We learned tips from the former queen and played games to calm our nerves!”

Queen Peavy and her court will soon be busy promoting the festival, which will take place between March 21-30.  The court will preside over the Pinkadelic Blossom Parade on March 23, as well as participate in other festival events.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a parade,” Princess Power said.

And they all lived happily after.