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All eyes on the iPhone

Students have mixed feelings about next generation of upgrades

October 24, 2017

The iPhone 8 is a new and improved iPhone, but does not compare to the new iPhone X.

Starting at $999, the new iPhone X can read its owner’s face and allow the user to use their iPhone.

The iPhone 8 is water-and-dust resistant, and has the most popular and well- liked camera quality in the world. Apple says this iPhone is formed from glass. The available iPhone 8 is $699, and the iPhone 8 Plus is $799.

The iPhone X is an entirely different story. With no home button, and all screen it is a very advanced piece of technology. It has the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, with wireless charging. 

Starting at $999, this new iPhone X is the best of the best.

We asked Stratford students their thoughts on the newest iPhones.

“I am definitely going to get the X, I plan on pre ordering it at the end of this month!” – Josie Coleman, junior

“Hell no, I will not be getting the new iPhone. It is not worth the money.” – Trey Bumgardner, junior

“Of course I want it, but i am not going to get it. My parents are not going to buy it for me.” – Charlie Giles, junior

“I mean i would get it, but my parents are not gonna let me.” – McKinley Thompson, junior

“Heck no! Apple is just trying to take our money. ” – Nathan Hunt, senior

“I want it because of the new gold color, it’s really pretty.” – Margo Hannon, senior

“I am not getting the new iPhone, I just got the 7.” – Lillie Sweet Strickland, sophomore

“I will not be getting the new iPhone because i just got the 7 Plus.” – Grey Faulkner, sophomore

“Probably not going to get it until i break my phone now.” – Nora Jorgensen, freshman

“I will not get the iPhone…” – Madison James, freshman

“I kinda want the new iPhone.” – Ben Baxley, freshman,

“I really do not want the new iPhone, it is really expensive. The only new thing is the camera, nothing really different.” – Haley Hendricks, sophomore



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