Gazebo Photo by Sabina Ajjan

Freshman Jocelyn Tang plays in the snow on campus on Thursday

SNOW DAY (and the day after)

Wednesday was one of those rare snow days in Macon. When classes resumed on Thursday, we asked students and teachers how they spent their 'Snow Day'

January 19, 2018

 “I ate lunch at my great-grandmother’s house and threw snowballs at my dog.”- Madison James, freshman

“I went to Dairy Queen with my friends from FPD.” – Preston Kennedy, senior

“I woke up and went to Waffle House with my neighbors. Then, we went to my neighbor’s house and drank hot chocolate.” – Carson Simmons, freshman

Seniors Sammy Martin and Cal Whitworth invent new method of snowboarding

“I sledded down the slopes at Idle Hour on a boogie board.” –  Steve Durkee, senior

“We explored our backyard since it was covered in snow. We had a snowball fight, too.”-  Reese Ellis, junior

 “I rolled around in the snow with my dogs.” – Alex Hall, freshman

 “I went dirt bike riding for 20 minutes but went back inside because it was too cold.” – Carter Nystrom, freshman

“I binge-watched Season 2 of ‘The Wire’ and went outside for a total of maybe six minutes because I wasn’t motivated enough to build a snowman.” – Coach Tyler Brown

“I went outside around 10 and threw some snowballs at a tree.” – Dylan Yurgalavage, sophomore

“I did some donuts in a parking lot.”-  Joseph Webb, junior

Gazebo Photo by Caris Weinberg
Senior Carlin Weinberg and her dog

 “I stayed home and played X-box all day.” – Alyan Khoja, freshman

“I played in the snow with my dog. We enjoyed it.” – Isabel McSwain, junior

“I sat around my house, watched Netflix, and did homework.” – Andrew Delves, sophomore

 “I spent my snow day inside making cookies.”- Ellie Minette, senior

 “I woke up then went back to sleep and, when I woke up again, I went outside and gathered up some snow for my mom. We then made snow cream and watched Netflix.” – Sarah Pyles, freshman

 “I was in Colorado, so I was skiing! We had a great time!”  – Abby Ellison, sophomore

“When there was a lot of snow before it melted, my mom and I went outside and I pegged her with a snowball. Then I watched movies all day.” – Mary Kate Groves, freshman

“I played with my dog.” – Tobe Umerah, senior

“I played video games, cleaned my room, and I made my protein shake with two scoops instead of one.” – Stephen Durso, senior

“I spent the day being pulled on a sled by my friends golf cart. It was fun, but it got really muddy once the snow started melting.” Maimee Henderson, junior  

Gazebo Photo by Miller Cranford
When classes resumed at The Academy on Thursday, there was still some snow on the ground

“I went to see ‘The Greatest Showman’ in the theater. The music was great!” – Holland Schell, junior

“Relaxing and playing in the snow with my kids.” – Mr. Ben McLain

 “I played Fortnite.” – Jonathan Siegel, junior

“My sister and I built a snowman and went sledding down our driveway.” – Mimi Rader, freshman

 “I played in the snow. I made a snow angel.” — Katherine Hand, 3K

“I watched Netflix, but I also built a snowman with my siblings.” – Marlie Potts, freshman





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