I Knew You Were Trouble

In the first semester, many students received demerits that seemed unreasonable, bizarre, or in a few isolated cases, totally deserved. It seems like Mr. Reynolds marches the halls just looking to hand out the dreaded pink slips to unsuspecting students. Oh, and you’d better make sure to say “Mr. Reynolds” and not “Coach Chance,” or you may get another demerit.

This week on Demerit Watch:

Name: Bonnie Jarrard

Class: Junior

Date: Dec. 2013

Offense: Parking in a handicapped parking spot by the field house during the school day.


Name: Cooper Hartley

Class: Junior

Date: Dec. 2013

Offense: Told to “get rid of” his m&m’s…so he put all of them in his mouth.


Name: Lucas Bowden

Class: Senior

Date: Ongoing

Offense: Refusing to shave his rather scraggly beard.


— By Lucy Bobbitt and Stacey Dorogy