Murray Brings Change to the Olson Library

The ideas that Ms. Elaine Murray has brought to Stratford’s Olson Library have helped make the library a more interesting and resourceful place. “I’ve added more electronic resources and we’re trying to get students to check out more books from the library. With our effort we have had 5,000 check-outs from August through October. I would like to add more areas where students can collaborate and work on group projects and make this a better academic area where students can share and work together,” Murray said. “I love the students and interacting with the teachers.”

Murray, the school’s head librarian, began her work last June.  Prior to her arrival at Stratford, Murray worked as a faculty member for First Presbyterian Day School and Weaver Middle School, and as a media specialist for Bruce Elementary, Burghard Elementary, and Springdale Elementary schools. Murray has a master’s degree in technology and library media from Georgia College and an undergraduate degree from Georgia Southwestern College in business education.

 Soon, according to Murray, a new layout and additional seating will be found in the upper school library section. There are plans to transform the lower school reading room by year’s end.

“She [Murray] is a very warm person and welcomes students and teachers. She has so many ideas and is a wonderful resource to the Olson Library staff. It has been fun working with her because she is a team player. She also shows respect to all her team members. She is a very firm yet understanding and fun  person to work for,” said Ms. Kaye Wansley, lower school librarian.