As We Roll Around the Loop

As we roll into the Academy this month love is in the air with Valentine’s Day and Sadie Hawkins fast approaching – and Spring Break just over the horizon.

All the star-crossed lovers of the Academy are looking for the perfect gift for their special someone. Some couples may decide not to exchange gifts and just get a meal; some will go all out with flowers and chocolate. For couples like Hayden and Shelby, Valentine’s is not a stress anymore since this will be their third together. But for most this will be the first Valentine’s with their new boy or girl. Memo to the boys: get your girl some flowers. When your sweetheart said she didn’t want to exchange gifts, what she really meant was that you should get flowers, or else. So do something nice for your lady.

Spring Break is less than two months away. That means that right now is an appropriate time to FREAK OUT if you don’t have plans yet. I’m kidding people, calm down. Everything will come together and your spring break will be one to remember.

What you actually can start freaking out about is Sadie Hawkins. It’s three weeks away, and that’s closer than you think. Girls, if you haven’t gotten your dress yet, you should start looking. Getting your dress now will turn out better than crying the week before because Macon’s fine retail establishments did not have the “perfect” dress for you. Start making dinner plans, too, because you don’t want to get ready for Sadie Hawkins, only to realize that your only reservation is at Sonic.

More to come as we roll around the loop…