College bulletin board is ‘star’ attraction

College acceptances are posted for senior students

Junior Reese Ellis checks out the recent college acceptances on the bulletin board

Gazebo Photo by Chandani Patel

Junior Reese Ellis checks out the recent college acceptances on the bulletin board

Students, faculty members, and family members are always looking for the next “star” on the College Bulletin Board.

The “Reach for the Stars” College Bulletin Board is located in the hallway across from Mrs. Robin Schorr’s desk.

Every time a student is accepted into a college, they write their name and the name of the college down on a piece of paper and pin it on the board. The star represents where the student will be attending in the fall.

The College Office is in charge of the bulletin board as well as anything related to college admissions. Mrs. Martha Eubanks, head of the College Office, said the bulletin board has been at Stratford for about 20 years.

Seniors usually apply to in-state colleges such as University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia College and State University, Georgia State University, Georgia Southern, Kennesaw State University, and many more. Seniors also apply to University of Mississippi, University of Alabama, which are out-of-state colleges. Some students apply to colleges in Florida and North/South Carolina. Popular private schools are Samford, Mercer, Wake Forest, Suwanee, and Davidson. A small number of students apply to Ivy League colleges, such as Harvard and Yale.

Some colleges that students have applied to that is not considered “typical” are University of Michigan, University of Chicago, University of California.

“Jeffery Hale applied to University of Alaska which I think is the most unusual this year,” said Mrs. Eubanks.  

Although acceptance release varies on the college, the College Office is busy year-round. The busiest time for majority of the seniors is the fall season because the College Office’s deadline is Oct. 1.