The Secret Garden of the Portal

The portal is a crucial part of every Stratford student’s life. It is all knowing, all seeing.

But the portal remains a mystery to many students who have yet to unlock all of the secret, benevolent, and kind of awesome services that the website offers. From syncing calendars to text message updates, the portal does much more than list homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Do you ever wonder what letter day it is or when the next basketball game is? What do you do? Pull out your phone and try to navigate the mobile website? Not necessary. You can cut your time spent on the Stratford website in half simply be syncing the school calendar to the calendar app on your smart phone.

Go to the calendar page on the school website, look for the calendar with an arrow (“calendar export”) on the right hand side just above the calendar, click it, and choose your settings. Yes, it really is that easy.

You can receive text messages about events on the calendar – including sports, performing arts, and even the college office.

All you have to do is go to the calendar page, look for the “Alerts” box on the right side, click it, and choose your settings.

Now you can receive reminders about a soccer match or a special speaker anywhere from one week to one hour before that event. And if an event is cancelled or postponed, you will receive a notification about that as well.

But what’s even better than knowing when the next sporting event or signing day? Knowing when you have a test, quiz, or paper. In order to do this, sign in to your portal, and go to your groups dashboard (located under “groups” at the bottom left of the screen). Click on the “Calendar” option in the top left. Look for the “Calendar Tools” button to the left of the month and year and click on it. If you want the calendar to sync with your phone, click on the “export calendar” option. If you want to receive text messages, select the “Calendar Alerts” option and choose your settings.

In addition, the portal has a feature much like Facebook messaging. You can send a message to your classmates or teachers about a homework question, and they can respond. Parents can use this feature as well via the parent’s portal.

Finally, the portal also has its own Dropbox so that you can upload and download files – meaning you can work on assignments from both home and school without having to e-mail the files back and forth.