Spring has sprung

Warm weather. Flowers blooming. Longer days.

The signs of spring are everywhere on the Stratford campus. The first official day of spring is on Tuesday, March 20. But Middle School students have had a case of “spring fever’’ for weeks.

“I am excited for the warm weather and the time change to come because I really hate the cold,’’ said Dylan Driver, an eighth-grader. “Also, the time change frees up my afternoon because instead of having to do everything when it is still light I have more time to get my outdoor activities done. I like the warm weather because I can go swimming in my lake and pool.”

Some students, like Mary Blue Butler and Emma Hayley, said they love spring because it means they get to play and watch their favorite sport – soccer.

Spring Break at Stratford is March 24 to April 1. When students return on April 2, there will 54 days left until the last day of school.

“I am very excited. This is because the weather gets warmer, and it is finally the last quarter of school,’’ said seventh-grader Athena Leskovics.

Stuart Watson, a seventh grader, is thrilled to be getting a new pet this spring.

“I am excited for spring because I will be getting a pug puppy, and I can’t wait to play with him/her in the warm weather,’’ Stuart said.

Both seventh-grader McKenzie Foshee and eighth-grader Zack Buehler are excited about beach trips on spring break. Eli Miscall, a seventh-grader, also has fun plans as the days get warmer.

“I am most excited about going to the Idle Hour Club pool with my friends and family this summer during the warmer weather,’’ Eli said.

Ms. Lauren Parris, a Middle School foreign languages teacher, has mixed emotions about the spring.

“I am not looking forward to spring because pollen…ew… but I am excited for flowers because I love flowers,’’ she said.

And seventh-grader Sophia Tang would be satisfied if the winter weather lingered longer.

“Honestly, I am not looking forward to the spring weather,” she said. “I am fanatic for cold weather so I hate all the pollen that comes with the hot temperatures. The only part I like about spring is getting to see the beautiful flowers bloom, but that’s most definitely it.’’