Spring Breakout

We asked folks where they were going and what they doing for Spring Break 2018

“I am going to Hilton Head Island and then I am going to Colorado.”  – Amelia Foulkes, senior

 “I’m going to Daytona Beach.” – Kenna McElmurray, freshman

 “I’m going to Catalina islands, near California.” – Molly Garud, sophomore

“I am going to different parts of Louisiana over spring break, mostly New Orleans.” – McKinley Thompson, junior

 “I’m going to Amelia Island with two different sets of people.” – Morgan Mathis, senior

“I’m not gonna be doing anything over the break. I’m just gonna sleep and watch Netflix.” – Zuna Shabbir, junior

“I am going to Disney World with Alex Stefanis.”  – Vivian Duong, junior

“I am going to the beach at St. Simons with my friends.” – Kendall Simmons, freshman

“I’m going to St. Simons and I am excited to hang out with all of my friends” – Caroline Horn, junior

“I am going to St. Simons with my friends.” – Nick Johkai, sophomore

“Guatemala, baby! I hope to see some monkeys.” – Alysa Ferland, junior

“Somehow I convinced my parents to let me go to St. Simons. I’m so excited.” – Layne Davis, junior

“I’m going to St. Simons Island with my friends.” – Autumn Land, junior

“My grandmother from Iowa is visiting, and my brother is looking at colleges, but nothing that interesting.” – Nora Jorgensen, freshman

“Not too much, but I will probably go to Six Flags.” – Manav Patel, freshman

 “I’m going to St. Simons with my friends” – Harriette Ann Bowden, freshmen

 “I am going to Clearwater Fla., with Annika for a week. We’re going to go the beach and hang out, and go shopping.” – Sarah Pyles, freshman

“I’m just staying in Macon for spring break.” – Lauren McElrath, freshman

  “I’m probably going to spend most of the break in Atlanta because I’m already there during most weekends.” –  Ruzan Khoja, sophomore

“I’m going to the beach at St. George in Florida.” – Jay Lee, freshman

“I am going to Amelia Island with friends.” – Madelyn Stephens, senior