Video game ‘Fortnite’ can be fun, but addicting

Jay Lee admits he is somewhat addicted to playing the video game, Fortnite Battle Royal.

The Stratford ninth-grader attributes the game’s popularity to “it’s free, and the variety, and the different places to land making it a fun game.”

The basic premise of the game is 100 players are dropped into a map. Each player tries to collect resources to build forts and also acquires guns for battle. The goal is to be the last man alive.

While only one person wins, it is still a very popular game that lots of people enjoy to play despite losing.

There also is a mode where you can play with friends and be the last squad alive.

Junior Nick O’Neal is one of the many people who enjoys playing with his friends.

“I play because I get bored, and I don’t have anything else to do,” he said. “And it’s really fun.”

When the hype came around, history teacher Mr. Stephen O’Hara, decided to give the game  a chance. He enjoyed playing the game and even got a solo victory.

“It’s intense action, and you never know where someone is coming,” Mr. O’Hara said. “Even if you lose, it restarts very quickly.”