Early End for Super Sadie Hawkins

In the run up to Sadie Hawkins, girls overwhelmed every nail place in town, while the guys frequented flower shops trying to find that perfect arrangement for their date. Groups met up for dinner at downtown restaurants like Tic Toc and hosted events at homes around Macon.

Then 8:30 p.m. arrived, and it was time to head downtown to the Armory Building for the party to begin. Everyone was greeted at the door by Mr. Chance Reynolds and Ms. Margaret Brogdon before going inside.

The theme for this year was “Super Sadie Hawkins.” The room was decorated with superhero memorabilia, and every couple’s date wall sign was Batman or Superman-themed.

Students swing-danced the night away to the music of the band the Hands of Time, making sure to keep it classy. When they needed a break, there was a photo booth full of fun props and costumes like fedoras, boas, and crazy sunglasses.

The dance went by smoothly until the band began to pack up at 10:30 p.m. instead of 11:30 p.m. as expected. After this mishap, the night ended quickly and everyone cleared out, leaving only the freshmen behind to wait for a ride.

Students had mixed opinions on the dance.

“Last year was much better,” senior Hayden Graham said.

But senior Holly Bean said “I had fun this year and enjoyed the shagging.”