Senior will graduate demerit-free

Emily Fackler follows the rules to complete rare accomplishment


Gazebo Photo by Miller Cranford and Sabina Ajjan

Assistant Principal Mrs. Theresa Ferrari checks the parking lot on Tuesday to make sure underclassmen are not parking in the senior spots

Senior Emily Fackler has survived all four years without getting a demerit.

Emily has accomplished this by following Stratford’s rules and regulations. The only rule she breaks is the rule against wearing sweatshirts with non-Stratford colors.

A couple years ago, there was no rule about getting a demerit if a student was tardy, so Emily often came late.

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I used to be tardy a lot before they put the thing into place where you got three.”

— Emily Fackler


“I used to be tardy a lot before they put the thing into place where you got three,” Emily said.

She would have gotten a demerit had there been a rule.

However, if a teacher were to give her a demerit, then she thinks it would be Mr. Griff Ethridge.

Usually, about six to eight demerits are given per day and about four of them are from Upper School Assistant Principal Mrs. Theresa Ferrari.

It is extremely rare for people to last their entire high school career without a demerit, but this might be because Mrs. Ferrari wants them to have one.

“Sometimes I give them one before they leave for good measure,” Mrs. Ferrari said