Ellie Cleveland

Heese: well… horses, senior spring break, Sarah never showing up to anything, Shouse Trilogy: I’m going to make this simple and leave it at “G” and Barberitos Mr. Free’s Class: where’s Haven?, now girls let Haven rest in peace Cath: junior sadies, Hhbdbju2, it all started at space camp, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Bundi, Brandi, Brundi, Tastee Chick, honey mustard or ranch, Ellie slab, Yale Charleston Stapp III, where’s haven?, Allen Free, uno dos tres, Bloodworth & Rivera, mormon syndrome, Argentina, that’s wonderful gail, almost failing chemistry, BBAD, Winder, Mr. Myler, gluten, Lizzie’s boys, Miss Visa, 6’1 180, spring break tears, PACS, the fan club, Sheese, party city, visiting El Carnival for no reason, mutations, coon22, you can’t ride in my little red wagon, Once Upon a Time, that Trina song, convincing you that you were voodoo’d downtown, making odd lists in math class, never understanding statistics… or caring, long lunch dates Lucy J: Mr. Free’s class with Haven, giving you my white cheetos, pizza delivery in the middle of the night, sleeping on your front couch, your guest bedroom, grapes Sydnie: PSJ, Nino, Cooper Miller: our Las Vegas trip, many Athens trips in my jeep, the Alpha Tau Omega’s, our trip to Freshco, Building 1526 Room 470, leaving things at the order, huskies, Jordan Quaile, EvanLifestyle, Barberitos, Taco Stand, Boy Scouts in the Wesleyan woods, The Flamingo Hotel, drying boxers for Ridge, going to floor 8 to find you, helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, alllll the landforms, my country music, every day of summer 2017, always letting be borrow the blue shirt, my black skirt, your lululemon bag, Ninja sushi, when we convinced Cath she was voodoo’d, long lunch car rides, forcing me to try sushi at Nobu Sloane: Cam, bachelors, Buggy Days, jingle ball, always egging me on, “TJ girl” Tori: Lake Sinclair and Oconee, Hart, Panama City, causing my bruised femur while tubing, Bragg Jam, pizza pregame, white cheetos, Curtis & Amy loving my music, dating gators, always eating in Milledgeville Olivia: Barnesville, Buggy Days Pete: Shouse, Caleb & Matt, your nickname, trilogy, fall of sophomore year shenanigans Sarah: Where’s Haven?, Uncle C, my macon state letter, ole Jess, Hotel Alex, the meanest people on SB, calling Coleman Logan Paul Lulee: the duck club in general, constantly drawing ducks, Quackster, tennis lessons with whoever would take us on, Thiago, Mott, the Bahamas, anchor scar at Nippers, wing night with the boys, Highlands trip with MB, soooo many visits to Mrs. Mann’s office, when you bit yourself and blamed it on Nick in 3rd grade… and I backed you up Grayson: the ride home from Hannah’s, painting my car after showercap, Ed, baby Alice, fiestas, making a music video in your backyard, headbands, always staying in trouble, bicycle Cochran: the attic, being sent out by Bloodworth daily, getting carried wedding style by Coleman the last night of spring break Emmie: well senior year, questioning everyone I have ever mentioned, FOJ, my cute lil lama Ashlin: well… I did give you Taylor, PCB, liking my brother more than me Layne: Post Malone, Las Vegas, your tripod cat Nate: Colorado in general, liquid skiing, not passing ski school, the coffeemaker, fishing at Jimmy’s, your redneck shooting team, every waitress thinking we date, liking Blair more than me Margo: being the SSI uber Andrew: hey remember that time you and Tyler fought?, I’m sorry you have to spend the next four years with me Tyler: school girlfriend, hugs Jourdain: eating ALL of our spring break food, snoring in every class Amelia: you thought that we lived in South America, you didn’t know what DUFF means Michael: getting kicked out of club level Charlie G: Cochran, holocaust

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