Kevin Gibson

Michael: mikey, some moderate fortnite skills, bubba watson, brothers, dawgs.  Jake: ellen, you better sleep with one eye open, women’s tees, camping trips, better shooting form, missed layups.  Larson: date nights, Tennessee’s hail mary over UGA, jazz > suns, 2k, the only competition in 21, eating fresh cat from yaki.  Steve: the private club, alaska, drop kicking james in the face, dream team in alaska, cookout, dawgs.  Sammy: step-bro, pee-pee boy, the dominican, athens, dawgs, ap physics, the fortnite god. Carter: CG22, GTA on the beach, one eyeball, the bad friend, an actual european soccer team (Man City), that song from sb. Cal: the private club, tokyo and x’s heat, the bar, deep, 11pm is the new 2am.  Jack: kelly, stealing john’s money on the course, your first Stratford golf shot ever.  Clifton: box, melinda, hans mueller, the greatest (worst) travel ball team of all time, talladega.  Andrew: ping pong l’s, long lunch house breaks, C-team bball.  Trey: pickup bball dubs, crab hunting at sb.  John: nascar, golf bets, st simons waitress, the perfect bracket.  Mei Mei: the birth of dirty k, middle school church trips, monday night dates. Lucy L: lulee, the river, twitter dms. Evans: ole miss family duos :(, house parties.  Caroline: carol, third favorite durkee, roses – OutKast, streak, my wife, nancy’s favorite.  Gracie: model pics in the grass, Zane’s forehead. Carey: MPDA, homemade flowers. Ellie P: uga > clemson, sadie’s dates. Emily: skim, the farm, club sheridan, snapchat. Olivia: one shattered heel, the barn ban. Emma: late night club at lulee’s, the tennis shop.  Greg: ap physics, dawgs.  Hughes: i’m not leaving you anything just a reminder you owe me $20.

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