Margo Hannan

Autumn: sweet George, Shirah boi, another one coming up on the right, cents for some memories, 4849 Rivoli Drive, Hotel Hannan, Hotel Room Service Remix, moon taxi, BAH, halloween, BOP, ELCA lax, The Weekend, NYE ft. the pipe, black eye, Wakka, SB 2017, flash foods slushies on friday nights, Twiggs County, the fair x2, friendDIVERSITY, limp bacon, “i know”, kevin, our best friends from FPD, being my bff Molly: hartyparty, NYE when you told me to go away, spray tans, away football games, Christmas Dance Jourdain: calm down Cochran: tuberculosis Tyler: tyler, tyler, tyler, humanities, long lunch at margaritas Emory: sternocleidomaskoff Ellie C: domestic, boys boys boys Gracie Bell: 23, go bears, lunch crew, watching highlight videos, playing the sport we love JTB15: road trips, spring break 2018, myjet, insnaebriated Mo: go bears, laxgods, your cats Faith: daughter, jeep rides Ellie(Bree): New Smyrna Beach, BREE, Bob, Lily, musical theatre Lax: Iola, the birds, XC, Columbus Vball: buffaloes after game day, tournament in atlanta, sleepover, silly string, water balloons Amelia: borrowing clothes, aye margarita, WD, go cavs, LS, New Smyrna Beach, covenant boys, the bridge, the tahoe, frameshift, TT Spring Break House: 8th Street Marshside, beachcomber, if you move you are going to jail Nate: movies, california pizza kitchen, margaritas, water bottles, ice cream cake, Willis, SB2017 Sarah: hooty hoo, goalie goals, I don’t mess with you, Marego, laxgods

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