Caroline Herman

Andrew M: Horse Minecraft, *blinks at you*, he used my towel, stalking at the fudge shop, sharing cringe stories, meme culture, nice, those black heels, the trundle bed, page 41 of the bibliography, the famous bowl cut, bunk beds, trundle beds, goodnight bunny, the wrong Andrew My 7th Period: Broomsticks, Big Bus Bessie, Hillary, Fifi, Glhoria, Juulian XD,, Tood, the Hello Kitty Handbag, WWW’s, serendipity, SCD, loan noodles, butterscotch candy, pickles, the entire mormon tabernacle choir, extreme mormon night, Denise, Blondie, potato guns, Bunny, The 35 year old college basketball player, thicc, weed whackers, tractors, the fresh fade cut, Blondie. I love you guys more than ever! Thank you for making my year the best. Madelyn: Hot Dog Party Polooza, will you buy me a hotdog?, marbles, turn on your airdrop, the metal pole man, Peahead, Hugh Hefner, Danny, he smells like tomato soup, grand papi, free jehovah witness bible study, foam cannon, a potato flew around my room, ano, google images, beefaroni, stabbing art textbooks, coopster, I like your wife beater, he sniffed the banana, watching his younows, bing bong, it looks like a red crayola is stuck in there, chow chow puppy or boy?, when he used my towel, your junior year prom date, purple rain, surviving advanced art, Mr. Fred Mimi and Maddie: You guys will always be my favorite freshman even when you graduate (don’t forget to invite me). Carlin: The champagne bill, Neal, the hyper 6, the tricycle, dr lolis’s song. 5th period, free days, what’s this red button do?, go bees, Chunk, Wendy Woman, Trivia Crack at 5am, 7th grade math, the tricycle, the sacred promise, hiding Caris’s backpack, your interning period stories, when we threw up applesauce in the bushes, purple rain, Mr. Fred Vannah: Our car jam sessions, Jeremy, Scott Shubitz Jeffrey H: Locker neighbors, tutoral, JANET, your Furman shirt, Buddy Dog, Squad, glitter, Ellie is 6, that time when we went to Ellie’s house and she wasn’t there, Mrs. Wangerin, hooty hoo, our hallway hugs, when we left ellie’s backpack in the middle of the hall, world history, Thea. when I cried over you moving to Alaska Ellie M: Someone pooped an EOS lip balm, Orthopedic shoes, go back to Andersonville, Squad, glitter, Ellie is 6, yo voy mi casa, 50%, that killer language film Carolynn: Bonding over our names, my senior silly picture Kaylee: Cheeto, our naps together in APES Katherine: Cathyrocks, Roxanne, Mrs. Gordillo Jourdain: GO BEES and don’t forget that chef boyardee key chain Harmony, Jocelyn, Asma: Charles, Dots, Adele music, Ivy, collaborative stories, Freddy’s

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