Cochran Lee

Dr. Dromsky: The Crazy Horse Mrs. Waters: YAAASSSSS, Quizzy Poo’s, DNA strands Greg, Sahan, Akshay: Spanish Camp Nischal: GroupMe Sarah: boonk gang, Toby, 518, Froggy Bottom Cafe, Rustic Pathways, _____ machine broke, Hooty Hoo, hiccups, the twelve Chinese dynasties, Freedom Park softball cheers, the lineman shuffle, See Ya! Olivia and Sarah: Tarek and Karen, OKIBATI’s Ceramics Class: craftsmanship Catherine: BigDawg, ForBethie, Ma, our roach dance Emma: Mrs. Medlin, you go, come onNnNnNnNnN, silly _____ Pete: a new arts and crafts table, “Sorry, I have a peach impediment.”, “Take us to Target, woman!” Pete, Olivia, Sydnie: Robin with a Y, Becky with the good hair, “Why your feet so big?”, “Dang it, Raymond!”, Kitty Coo Coo in the hamper and the pooper scooper souvenir, scuba dive, El Governor Motel, Provisions, bubbles, that one crocodile, the bo-at, the Texas boys, Georgia peaches Pete and Olivia: Tallanasty, the 24 hour clinic, dickle spears, the cot Grayson: long lunch, Crazy Kay, Albermarle, the trampoline Olivia: “NO! I GOT YOU!”, New Year’s Eve, Barberito’s dates, Chickfila dates, Healthy Hearts Camp, concerning goggle marks, assists, lacrosse bus rides, partner passing, a trunk full of my possessions, matching tin cans on wheels, peeling each other’s dried skin, getting carried away Sydnie: Dr. Shaker Miller Ann: freshman year Sadie Hawkins Lucy L.: Betty and John, the toxic hammers Cubans: Monny, the parking deck, that one opossum, El Camino, knocking on my window to wake me up, Cliff The Other Senior Girls: Hurricane Irma, 1908 Ocean Drive: The Ibis Cottage, “Heese, y’all can roll.” Catherine, Sydnie, Sarah: out pizza-ing the hut, Shouse, Snaeb Lacrosse Team: the cross country trail, Iola, “Does anybody want any cake?”, two excited and enthusiastic birds Catherine, Olivia, Pete, Ellie, Miller Ann, Sloane, Lucy L, Gracie, Greg, Steve: Señor, El Internado, Gran Hotel, the stuffed armadillo, the missing papers, “Que es arte?,” los perros de maíz, El Carnival, “Tenga un buen dia. Adios.”

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