Sloane Ramsbottom

Tori Dover: my sister, screaming songs at the top of our lungs, Bad at Love, boys are the worst, breaking glass, calling 911 for being stalked, Gray Bypass, chocolate milkshakes at Gabby’s, stealing Brandon’s jet skis, hot tubbing, surprise party bonefish, SSI sand dunes, broken shoes, Queen, I Hate Sloane Club, parents out of town weekends, roadblocks, expired license plate, Nathan Hunt in my front yard, Maggie Doster, Halloween twinning, Curtis’s lake house, Jeep with the top off, get backs, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Milly Vegas, Bryanna, Justin Cortez, Isaac Nada golf course, Brandon Blan’s boxers, Doug Bug, slumber parties at the weeks, Roll Tide, SSI boyz, Prom dress shopping, Music Midtown, Billy, Brenlyn, photoshoots DT, PBC baby, chicken salad, foj pasta salad, Dippin Dots, famous fight, Scooby Doo, shower time, 400 meters, all our friends, Eatonton, Ryan, Pumpkin, Beatboxing, twinning is winning, uno at Nan’s, Gatewood, Perry, Tee Adams, Spring break roomie, Strawberry ice, sadies with durso, Papa Murray, Meme’s rules, Athens Ridge, dirty sheets, collection of t-shirts, tubing, put it on the tab, hour long car rides, Casserole Shop petifores, iced chai tea, toppers, Gringos, West Campus slumber party, Waffle House, Chick fil a, Stang Gang, random facetimes, karma, JM, Manmosas Olivia: Besita, Kody, Dalton, Sharing one on New Year’s, Sam Jenkins, Pickle, Charlie Trev’s house, Lucy’s kitchen door, Taco Bell, Chancellor Newsome, downtown playground, Matthew Weeks, meep, sis, Jones BBQ and Foot Massage, we’re the Wonder Pets, Lillian and Vince, birds’ eye view, Conner watch out, beetles, buggy days, Robert’s kiwi Lucy Lee: Captain, stunt group, winning the banana, NCL, bad princess’ Emily Sheridan: First position, stunt group, lib, me or you the flyer? Gracie Holliman: Captain, any stunt always catching Emily, memorized every dance Emma Davis: Wilson and Dasher Idle Hour dates, Washington D.C dates, Lucy Lee’s mailbox, barn modeling, in Paris, Reba, on-demand shows, One Direction obsession, That’s What Makes You Beautiful, Harry Styles, Omegle dates, BK, pool parties, Conner James Josie Coleman: Lib, bed #9, licence plate tag name Evans McCook: Sea Island bike rides, sis, passing math with a C Lucy Jenkins: Frozen waffles, gluing dollars together, chocolate carton ice cream, banana pops, Jones BBQ and foot massage, wonder pets, Lillian and Vince, pinkies, birds eye view, conner watch out, beetles, iced chai and pumpkin bread, Pooh bear, charlie tev, taco bell, almost killing us in the car, driving your dad’s crayon car to starbucks, downtown walks, brad, conner james Catherine Brown: Forever my best friend, never fought, Prader Willy’s, track runner is the only thing that I like, Coach Bailey loves ya, memorizing every date, great day to be alive,  God loves you teddy bear, Charles and Kacey animals, pee-smelling house, Mrs. Sowell’s class, Kristy and Julie late night, pizza man, Randy Stephens, up high, down low, Walmart, Smartfood Popcorn, pitching a fit in Keith’s car, Yale, Gatewood campus 10 am, Publix sandwiches, Justin Bieber, Mrs. Mann’s office for stampeding, Josh Bevill, Jeffrey Waldrop, moldy M and Ms. Brace’s food,  poo poo bans, poo poo skin, Army calling cops, camp stories, babysitting you, Milly Vegas, college buddy, Gangster’s Paradise, first one to go to sleep gets a prize, Tooth Fairy money for pizza, burnt babydoll, Bo’s kiwi, Bo shooting you with a gun, cheer outcast, spazzes, Jade holden, lemon pancakes, nutella, Josh, medieval times, puberty pals, Betty Boop, lemon water, swimming to heaven, Coco, Sammy bite, rock in front of your house, milkshake and cheese, Monster House, pink and white blankey, broken nose pool party, Bay and Reeves, burying fish, scary youtube videos, shoulder sit buddy, ACC walk, Jake Power, scrapbooking, Logan Simmons, college buddy, kissing in capital, always sketchy, razon phone, Dr. harty Jack Kelly: Kellylolaimsslocat Other Senior Girls: Galentines, horses, suntrust rooftop Anna Durso: Patrick advice, SSI, cheer buddy, rain boots, falling in stunt Ellie Cleveland: Bruised leg, Ridge stories, Ole Miss, car ride buddies, Cam Hall, Parker, sketchy drinks at Jingle Ball, those two guys, Aunt Bonnie, foreign uber, I’m a bug, phone down, Curtis’s lake house, Jeep with the top off, pray for you, TJ, farm, Smartfood popcorn, Doug Bug, Lilly Bridges Holland Shell: Blame it on Caroline, cat pee pompoms, retard mode, hair ribbon peeling Big Boat: mom calling you big bear   Nathan Hunt: Tori Dover, physiology bud, killing Pip, beanie game, facetime with Chris, screenshots. advice buddy Josh Bevill: Much love Christian Palmer: Dude, big booty, koda, Starbucks vanilla bean, Charles Cross, broken foot, emotional wreck, my music, nerf gun war, shoots gonna shoot, missed your shot, cheering too much, bus rides, Coach Sweeney, you are always mad, messy car, hula hoop, basement, Whyatt, Perry, cinnamon rolls, pizza boxes, spring break sick, Sydnie, Olive Garden, El Som, smoothie bowl, Catherine and Baxley, Robert calling you son dad, Robert holding your hand in the hallway, scared for my life on NYE, facetime with Nathan, for the VSCO, Publix movies, cookie cake, dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel, Firehouse large meatball sub and regular chips, go Bobcats Jack Miscall: Tori Dover, peer mentor status, babe you’re famous, cool dance moves, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sydnie Sydnie Rouleau: Christian Palmer, Cheetos, spring break spirit animal, dancing in Tripp’s house, secret texts, motivator Sarah Koplin: spring break Jewish boys, synchronized butt slapping, learning how to ride a bike, Jen and Uncle Charles, spring break, house parties, Alex’s room, bathroom floor Mrs. Belle’s homeroom: I love y’all!!! 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