Emily Sheridan

Flock: kristen, my heart episodes, the worst, 4221, tabby quarters, the green house, home again, $1700 in damages, my house, my closet, music midtown, dancing in the rain, monogrammed cups and towels Caroline: my meanest friend, go dawgs, Stephanie, first grade hatred, fishing in my pool, night of joy, Bo Fricks, crooked creek journals, NCL before we dropped out, the ogeechee, our lake trips, hilton head trip, cheerleading camp, wall twerking, captain john bread, give daddy a kiss, mousey, idle hour walks, my lavender shorts (klepto), patty cakes, voice immodulation syndrome, road rage, cooper Daniels, our leg goals, your ugly toes, the face you make when you know you’re funny, Hershey kisses, my teggies, your incredible commitment to sports, “burke” Carey: kimmy, caaaaaaarey, dune buggy, when I disagreed with everything you said in 5th grade, Playing American idol every time at your house, pcb trip (la vela and banana boating), Berthas brownies, our lake trips, Luke Bryan concerts, backstage with Luke Bryan and sam Hunt, my couch, music midtown buddy forever, top bun, sophomore year prom and the honor council (we made it), panda, sea island, simpatico with laneski, lectures from big T, your rager, Dixie chicks, chaw girl, the loop, birth week sash, hanging out with parents, Crab Daddy’s, rolling houses all the time, snuggling, Katy Perry, you accusing me of being selfish at Gabe’s, raindrop drop top Ginny lanes wearing a crop top, durso Evans: Pepper, daddy daughter New York trip, spanking machine, the horses taking off with you, every single family trip of mine, Raymond, you being the photographer at my horse shows, Luke Bryan concerts, your tumor, Katy Perry, 5 lost phones, your wallet somewhere in Texas, a blower so you can blow off the farm, sea island trips, a microphone for your “amazing” voice, poodle, Callie, agape village, fort gaines, DERP DERP, give daddy a kiss, my parents liking you more, mario cart, missing the entire fetty wap concert because of you, I hope you survive without me next year <3 Emma: little st. simons in my creek, clean your room lil missy, the charleston trip, poof, speeeeeed, bear down, spring break roomies 3/4 years, a trash can, the loop, carter griffin, “can we be friends again”, agape village, luke bryan concerts, tinkerbell, horseback rides, careys phone over curfew, Jim Eubanks Gracie: my graycieeeee, dry heave, river forest, whit webb, winter musicals, your spleen, snap pants, your pink rolling suitcase, when you told luke bryan that your dad worked at butler toyota, splash in the boro, brussel sprouts, alien mode, the white beetles, the cemetery, fat lou, the animal smell in your house, Hilton Head trip, P and L, my closet, crazy girls, sophomore year prom, your daddy’s mansion at sea island, your Shell gas stations, the get backs, your dance moves, 4th of july trips, your lip bite, brawhhh, how to set a table, stunting, agape village, Funyuns, SES, seriously gracieeeee, the loop Pete: When you told me how much you hated the luke bryan concert I took you to, horseback rides, becoming a true country girl, walmart videos, splash in the boro, jp III’s closet, carillon, the beach, my comforter, my rug, rolling drews house and multiple others Lucy: your dad’s foot, st. george trips, swim trunks, marlon, duck club, dq blizzards, cheer camp, patrick, winter musicals Mei Mei: 3 strikes, cake mix, horseback rides, zachary taylor, your farm, my clothes, fire, grilled cheeses, blue hair dye  Olivia: Matt, Alex, corn chips, a toothbrush, charcuterie platter, mr. clean Greg: the easter bunny, sister val, your eyelashes, horse shows, workout buddy, your speedometer in your car, ginny lanes house, moondance, gabes, vaden, sims house, sprinting into our spring break house JC: cinnamenental, JAWNNNNN Jonathan: whizzer, 4th grade love, fresh air, the get backs, bobby bouche, hughes’ toe, cathy Jack: my parents favorite boy, big brown, crop dust, taco meat, your secret lover Trey: water bottle trey, upstairs, manners, my dads clothes, the bird house, papers, dinners, betty sandwiches, the lucky shanes, the masters, fort gaines Charlie: Bubbles but don’t eat him please, the Saga, The Netherlands, theo, romantic horseback rides, fort gaines, sunchip Hughes: moth boy, mei mei Jake Jamison: sugarfoot, tree trunks, chubby cheeks, any really mean insults, a baconator, neighbors, prom, walks to fifth period, my circular head, holding hands with me, being awkward Holland: funyunnnnns, SES, nut Kevin: dirty k, my round head, more barn parties Carter: Farter G. let’s get it. Clifton: bowx, sugadaddy, neighbors for life, pinching my chubby cheeks, a haircut, 11th grade schedule buddies, selena, the la quinta inn Cal: BSR, Crazt girls, gracie, coffee from my house Lillie Sweet and Elizabeth: buttercup and lizzay, skinny, the dunes, my clothes Emmie Cate: Fountain of Juice, my ear Bond: McFlurry Boy <3

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