Greg Sutton

Sammy Martin: Athens, physics worksheets, next four years; Tripp Vaughn: trailer and chill, spring breaks, Music Midtown, RIP model un, UGA, the Music Midtown trap mansion, sorry for inviting everyone over to the trap house; Tejas Athni: Appa, OneNote, acne, asking teachers for A+, “What sane teenager calls their parents?”, Sahan’s surprise on the floor, being bullied by underclassmen, your old voice, your shrieking, putting objects in your mouth, meat on your pizza, your horrible taste in music, your horrible singing, a Coca-Cola scholar who doesn’t drink coke, Roblox, Clara, LaLa, sorry for making you do all the work in CoEU; Sahan Vangala: knowing more fables than Tejas, phone calls, sophomores, telling me everything, when you eliminated on the floor, Aakash; Mark Barrow: tennis team, CJTA, Jaret, beating Aakash at smash bros; Nischal Bandi: Sahgoblin emails, talking trash, a place to stay for Music Midtown; Akshay: waffles, your nicknames, sorry about starting AKSHAYYY, Venkat; Aman Jindani: roasting on spring break, Music Midtown; Steve Durkee: leaving this place, the first ever lax team, the Grizzlies; Nick Dorogy: getting out of the house, the first ever lax team, bullying Tejas, the Grizzlies; Cal Whitworth: ride to St. Simons, calculus, Athens, next four, trap music; Emily Sheridan: horse shows, your heart monitor, Moondance, Sister Val, your house, your farm, being mute, my hero at Gabe’s, Roll Tide, Blue’s Clues, the Green House, sprinting into your house on spring break, my futon, staying on your floor in Tut next year, the Easter chick, missing the entire Fetty Wap concert (thanks Evans), middle school Luke Bryan concerts, you and Maggie scarring me forever; Carey Woodcock: Panda, your last name, that time at Mei Mei’s farm, my scalp is bleeding, Chill Will, DQ blizzard, Weatherman, the same four Kodak songs on repeat in your car, Emily’s guest bed, Wencat, the funniest person I know, the mood you get in when you have to go home, “catch me and Greg #___”; Emma Davis: turning green in the face, trash bags, the past 18 years, trips to Charleston, Marco, our childhood, Sullivan’s Island, Poe’s, Taco Mamacita, King Street, Amanda; Evans McCook: Megadock, Evans B, prom, ice, the river, always taking your car, Cameron, Griff, tennis season, hitting for 20 minutes then getting food, Sonic, school nights riding around, jamming, all of our Migos and Kodak songs, Fetty Wap concert, Dancin’ Away With My Heart, I Get The Bag, Outside Today, Earth Wind and Fire, Doo, Greta barking at me, antics on the roof of your house; Gracie Holliman: physiology help, dancing, Good as Heck, your love for memes; Carey, Evans, and Mei Mei: Dasani, Wadley Road, Idle Hour, school nights, Cathy, Taylor, my sense of direction; Caroline Durkee: Gracie’s dancing, working out, Hotty Toddy/Go Dawgs/Go Cocks, Sahan, the aux cord, trap music, intrasquad matches; Lucy Lee: Portugal the man, your river house, UGA, Paige’s favorite, Moondance, the Duck Club, Survivor, binge watching Netflix, Baton Rouge, the Bird, Sparky; Miller Ann Davis: your taste in music, Kendrick, Chance, Taco Stand, RHCP, Freshco, IVP, cheesecake, downtown, car rides, your most recent mid-life crisis, Canipe, O-House, Ninja, conspiracy theories, white lighter, Denver Airport, the Mandela Effect, teenage wasteland; Olivia Pruett: Chandler, Coulton, the Muschamps, Monny, senior privileges, the two long lunches we had together, our kick in January/February; Sydnie Rouleau: RHCP, your house, Shakes, szechuan, our daily walk from the locker bays to gov, Monny, go noles, being across the pond next year; Catherine Brown: rap music, prom junior year, Scar Tissue, spazzing, car rides, Lo2Slick, Uno Dos Tres, my futon, Monny, I miss the crap out of you; Ellie Cleveland: Taco Stand, always taking your car, mine and Miller’s futon, Frat Beach next year, the Duck Club; Charlie Giles: the hood of somebody’s car; Jonathan Siegel: our favorite two classes back to back; Alyssa Ferland: Craig, drills for the next year (sorry), drills for the past five years, hitting partner, your amazing backhand, Rebecca; Carter Eddlemon: Clark, Spencer, doubles partners, raging on the court, shanking,; Samuel Barrow: tweeners, your training ethic; David Grant: that time at Moe’s, doubles partners last year, my spot in the lineup next year, my spot on short court warm up at drills; Will Fackler: Spencer, a ride home, being burnt out and you still have three years left; John Bickley: Ella’s car, Shep making you play tennis; Daniel Cohen: the team room, rides; CJTA: Thomas, Wesleyan camp, hotel tag, sneaking out, exclusive pictures, Maya, Craig, endless speeches, 212 degrees, believe, my western forehand, the wave, team singles, never stretching, never actually running, trips to BB&T, trips to UGA, y’all better come visit next year; Tennis Team: our dynasty, state for the next four years at least, a waffle from me, endless lobbing, dropshots, not my socks, bus rides, the aux cord; Dr. Dromsky: my address, being my second mom, a great senior year, reunions in Athens next year; Freshman year Spanish class: corndogs, running out of the classroom during a presentation, tears on my face, hiding in the storage room, the missing essays that somebody stole, running Mr. Bloodworth off; Mary Lynes: my room, the playroom, horses, Mills, Greg and Susie, Rex, Blacky, a decent SAT score, my futon, Charleston, buffalo chicken dip, Amanda, my parking spot that you take anyways, enjoy your last year at home.

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