Cal Whitworth

Nick: The ditch by your house, the Impala, CT, Skype, dumb index, Lacrosse tournaments, Bug, black package, Craig Colorado, friedguy7, prom Steve: Bing Bong, big bad Vlad, dont forget a silencer, don’t forget your seatbelt, second home, bed sheets, sad hours, Tay-K, pre-practice joy rides, some new kitchen scissors, pickle boy, Hat angle Aman: Slope Game, good problems, diapers, charmin, an apology for calling you a terrorist, Shubitz, spring brake, Frank Chopra, a clock Kevin: The bar, Private Club till I die, old girl stupid new girl delicious, deepest thing in the world, NYPD, LC500, I’m just trying to chill, Top Golf with a thought Larson: Dirt Nasty Duramax Carter: Sammy did that I swear, it’s easy to get inside the elevator but it’s hard to go up Jake: I got first game, journalism crew, arguments with Leah Sammy: Lil Barnicle, Jesus Pump, DHgate, SNKRS drops, IBA Lebron James, Trippie Redd, Go Dawgs Nischal: Sara Kate, IBA Commissioner, Lacrosse rib rocker Michael: RIP Ole Blue, RIP Ole Gray Sahan: Only one time, goblin mode, these are the things, lets go ethnic, Carly, Yemma, Pacers suck, IBA, why can’t you smile at your wedding, I have a question, Caroline, Love Safari Tejas: I can hear the cancer, please take off your shoes, Marble Slab, smoking on that bacopa monnieri, the kiss Andrew: Air Huarache song Nathan: Tire Change in the middle of nowhere, C Team Dynasty Cole: A BMW at the age of sixteen, 23 cut that out Shawn: Undersecretary of media consultation and political implications George Iak: Donkey Kong on calculators Clifton: Hot moms, I’m a Beta, Chi O security guard Tripp: Peanut butter cheese sticks, the trailer, T&C Emily: Crazy girls, Calculus tutoring, bsr, Rushabh Leah: Mr. Doubletalk, Drake, arguments with Jake, Gazebo Broadcast, Interruptions Lora Kate: Shell, the Covenant Rams Gracie: Good music taste, Holland, Catchphrases, what animal is steak, glasses, J’s room Caroline: A specific computer brand, Personal Finance Club, Sahan Olivia: Khaki Pants, a restraining order, Nick Sarah: A B- on a gov test, Mike Kelley Mei Mei: Rolex, Sammy, rides to Jamie’s at 5:30 P Brew: Big Ed, Big dad, highest shooting percentage record Will Chambless: Span, Seniorita Grisham, Wheel Luke: Big Bird takes flight, the isuzu, Little Creek Holland: Rivoli Ridge Drive Siegel: North star, crisp blues, Buzzard hunting Raelen: Coolest kid in middle Georgia, an invite to every party, coach ain’t see my potential, the only middie left Sara Kate: Air huaraches, Air max Ones, string project cheat codes Tomi: Snapchat Story hall of fame, c0rnbread Sean and Chidozie: Kat Spinks Mort Viradia: Gerber Knee Bond: Mini me George: Pods Tripp Roberts: some caffeine Mrs. Ferrari: Thanks for not making me serve that last TAD

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