Carlin Weinberg

Carlin Weinberg

Morgan Mathis: winks, donuts, dancing queens, neanderthal, karaoke, sunflower fields, 2am beach trips,  wii, softball, mirror pic selfies, latincon, mariokart, teen wolf, four square, Dylan O’Brien, kickball, christmas made in the south, risk board game, monogram clipboards, JCP, senior crowns, pool parties, uno, glitter, cats, spelling, theatre, meows, bears, love actually, the bookmark, apes, index cards, ice cream, ed sheeran, tony and tonya Lora Kate DiPonzio: flik cookies, greys anatomy, two legs, rookery milkshakes, hamburgers, Alex Karev Madelyn Stephens: hums, our own language, anya, VBS, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, ™, gum, Taylor Swift, biology and physiology  Caroline Herman: diego, shine bright like a diamond, ooh kill em, middle school cheer, the “promise,” math class, applesauce, windy woman, chunk, freshmen sadie hawkins  Manasa Vemuri: carter reynolds, emo music, Dylan O’Brien, green day, therapy, our devastating and non existent trip to magcon Atlanta, our P.E. spots, middle school sleepovers, endless thrown pencils in Ms. Morse’s class, latinos manus, your knowledge about SEC football, art Carolynn Dromsky: cali vibes, the cali dab, “boy howdy”, our sophomore english class, APES Preston Kennedy: tom brady’s deflate gate, chickfila, the gators #chomp Anna Kate Medlin: fried kuntry wings, the trio, our fiji cookies, the babadook, hair sessions, dance parties, sparkling grape juice, Dylan O’ Brien Emily Fackler: sophomore geometry, blinds, sophomore world history, latin adventures, soccer moms, hamilton, mcalister’s’ grilled cheese and tomato soup, seussical, interstellar  Isabel McSwain: the beautiful tie-dye shirt, seussical, triscuits, green rooms, and houses Tejas Athni: APUSH google doc chatroom, shubitz squad, candle connoisseur Jeffery Hale, Anna Kate Medlin, and Kaylee Jellum: Swananani Leah Davis and Cochran Lee: our biology review session at state, the loud tv in our hotel room Emma Jane Canady: BG, WB, Bud, JT, goat, the will to live through latin class, snapchat  Miller Cranford: the will to live through latin class, goat Caris Weinberg: goat, BG, the will to pass latin

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