I’m going to miss my big sister

Carlin, left, and Caris Weinberg

Carlin, left, and Caris Weinberg

As the end of the school year approaches, so does the graduation of the Class of 2018.

In this senior class is my sister, Carlin Weinberg. Ever since we were little, we have done everything together. We played softball together, lived under the same roof, went on trips together, and basically did everything together,

It is going to be weird not being with her every day. Since Carlin will attend Mercer University here in Macon, I still will be able to visit her, and she will be able to visit me. Still, I will miss our car rides together to wherever we please. Even though our parents would get mad if we didn’t tell them, it was fun. Mostly because Carlin got in trouble instead of myself. Whoops, sorry, Carlin!

Ever since we were little we have done everything together. ”

— Caris Weinberg

I think we will mostly Snapchat and Facetime when she leaves. If possible, we plan to meet each other on the weekends. I am grateful for her being so close. I have no idea what I would do if she moved out of town or state. My parents aren’t letting her do that for a while. They have their eyes on her as she starts life on her own. Carlin is the first child in our family to live on campus, so our parents and I are waiting to see how it goes.

I am not the only Stratford student who has an older brother or sister graduating and heading off to college.  It is bittersweet. We want the best for our siblings. Well, some of us do. But I do not want to see her leave. I suggest we spend quality time with our siblings. We do not know when we shall see them again. I am proud of Carlin’s accomplishments, and I cannot wait to see where this takes her.